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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tricky Tuesday #11

Systems.  Order.  Organization.  Things in their place.  This sort of thing was way beyond my ken not so long ago.  Things being in their place is still a bit out there, but we're working on it!  Thankfully, I have progressed!  Praise the Lord for always providing me the information I needed when I needed it.

So now I'm sharing what I've been given.

Do you feel completely frustrated and near to tears just at the thought of getting out of the house to go shopping?  Well, if you have two or three babies (3 or under), all I can say is: this too shall pass.  Seriously, you can implement some of my suggestions, but when your oldest child is 3 years old, things are bit more hectic than when they are bit older and more able.

My life is more difficult and fuller and better and harder all at once, now that I have 5 children.  My oldest is 9 years old and amazing.  The next is 7 and also amazing (in different ways, sometimes, but still amazing).  I used to hear mothers of many say, "I couldn't have this many children without this many children."  I get it now.

Because we have systems in place for most events, activities, situations, life is a lot easier even though it's still more difficult in some ways.  Yes, I do know that sounds contradictory, but it's absolutely true.

To depart, I give assignments.  They are usually pretty much the same.  Oldst daughter helps with youngest child (finding shoes, getting any final articles of clothing put on... sometimes that doesn't work, so I do it at the last minute before we head out).  The two middle daughters are pretty independent, so they get themselves together and head out as soon as my oldest daughter is ready.

At the van: My oldest daughter knows how to unlock the door they need to enter.  The children enter in a certain order.  First the youngest enters first.  His seat is in the first bench farthest from the one sliding door.  Next my oldest daughter climbs in and helps youngest buckle in his seat.  Next my second daughter gets in her seat and puts on her buckle.  Finally, my third daughter gets in and buckles herself up, unless it's dark in which case my second daughter might need to help her.  It used to be second daughter's job to help third daughter get buckled.  Finally, oldest climbs over the first bench into the row on which she sits.    How does this work?  Everyone has assigned seats.  YEAY!  No arguements over who sits where.  I put the baby in her seat as I compliment or correct based on how they did or did not accomplish the load up procedure.  It actually works.

Having this system in place (loading up), I don't spend nearly as much time as I onc did.  So, even though I'm not technically saving money, I am saving time... and time is really important to making money, right!??

Next week I'll share with you how it works when getting out of the van and going into stores.

Tricky Tuesday used to be all about saving money.  It is now becoming more about dealing with things that might be tricky to deal with.  In many instances, those things that are tricky to deal with may save you money if dealt with in a new way.  We can hope!


Denise Gabbard said...

I remember these days...our three kids were all born within five years, so getting ready to go anywhere was a project. BUT, I can tell you now as a proud Gramma, this time passes much too quickly. Take time to enjoy all the little moments and spend some time alone with each of them when you can :).

Tori said...

Denise, it helps me very much to hear that it passes quickly! On one hand, I can already see that even though I've only been blessed to hold the Mama title for 10 years. On the other hand, it does seem never-ending at times! I feel the juxtaposition of those two seemingly opposite sentiments even more since I've been business building!!!

Joanna Sormunen said...

The systems are good. It sounds like you have a lot to handle but are making it work :)

Tori said...

Striving. Always striving! :)

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