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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tricky Tuesday #12

Do you think you'll  try the system for "loading up" any time soon?  I have to let you know it's not perfect the first time... or three.  As with any training, it does take consistency and time.  Practice.  And the first few times it is important and necessary for you to be present and give directions and correction.  To be honest, you'll have to do this repeatedly forever, just less and less over time... that's life with children, right?

Once we arrive at our destination, we unload in a very specific order.  The girls in the back row exit first, often while I'm unbuckling the baby.  They stand near whichever tire I direct them to stand next to (no leaning on the van!).  My oldest daughter often/usually climbs over and unbuckles the little guy.  She usually exits before him.  He almost always finds something to fiddle with and take a bit longer than he needs to get out.  A guy thing?  I don't know.

When out of the van, they know they are supposed to stand in order... either birth order or reverse birth order.  Either is acceptable.

Once I've taken baby out of her car seat and put her in the sling, I hold the youngest's hand and the girls line up in reverse birth order behind him.  We walk to the store this way.  I do check my girls in line frequently for two reasons.  First, to make sure they are still there!  And, of course, to make sure they are walking in a straight line.  Unfortunately, lines are very much part of our society, so as a homeschool family, I take such opportunities to teach them how to walk in a line.

I put the youngest in the seat of the shopping cart.  If the store has a bench right at the front, he climbs onto it and I lift him from there.  If not, I just lift him up from the ground.  He's a pretty solid guy, so I like when there is a bench at the front of the store!  My third daughter likes to ride on the opposite end of the card (standing on the undercarriage and holding on to the basket), but I don't often let her as it usually causes problems.  So, most often, the girls line up in reverse birth order behind me and that's how we walk.  It works.  We get plenty of comments about "Mama Duck and her ducklings" and most of the time I don't mind at all.  The comments that bug me are usually, "Man you've got YOUR hands full!"  Sometimes it's said very kindly and I don't mind those.  But there is a tone of voice that is problematic and I definitely don't prefer those comments (same words, just different delivery).

Next week: how I save money and aggravation while shopping without using any coupons!


andi said...

an order to everything.... :D

Petro Neagu said...

Life with children teaches one a lot of things, particularly patience :)

ExoticGardeningFarms said...

I know what you mean about the comments. I had four little ones at one time - a four year-old, a three year-old and newborn twins. Going places was difficult, required patience and often I got comments or "that look." Keep going. You'll get your method perfected.

Debi Gerhart said...

I love having my kids in my house. I hope you get as much joy as i do.

Tammy Doiel @ creativekkids.com said...

It looks like you have 4 girls and one boy? That's what we have--3 girls, then one boy, then another girl. I love it. Most everyone is very kind to me, but you have a great system for stores. I try not to take them all shopping with me, even though my children do okay. I can just move much faster without all the buckling, etc.

Mistee Dawn said...

Such great tips. It is very difficult to get everyone in the car. Thanks for this post!

Garf said...

Great tips for parents and for someone who want to be a parent.

Tori said...

andi, you're ABSOLUTELY right!! :)

Petro, yes. Patience! I thought I was patient once. Then I got married. I thought I had grown amazingly in patience. And then I had children! :)

ExoticGardeningFarms... yes, THAT look. I think it's worse than the words in some ways because you don't know EXACTLY what they are thinking! It's nice to feel that you understand! :)

Debi, transitioning to Motherhood has been far more difficult and WAY more rewarding than I ever could've imagined!

Tammy, that's TOO cool!!! I have three girls, then a boy, then another girl, too!! ^_^ I agree, most everyone is kind. I receive help from many and offers of help from more. Once, when I was preggie with current babygirl, I asked a big guy to lift my son into the cart seat. He seemed surprised but helped me very kindly. It was a huge blessing because I was very tired and my back hurt a lot that day! Sometimes... help is only 1 request away. :) I agree that shopping is faster and easier without children. I simply do not have that luxury at this time. A combination of fatigue in the early morning and my husband's schedule as a Chef result in the necessity of shopping with my children. Thankfully, they are amazingly well-behaved most of the time! :)

Mistee, it was difficult for me until I put this system into place! I hope you'll try it. The time investment in the training, initially, pays TREMENDOUS dividends!!! :)

Garf, thank you!! ^_^

Michelle Feliciano said...

Wow I give you so much credit! I have one and sometimes am stressed when we go out grocery shopping.

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