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Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Wear Skirts All The Time (and maybe a little bit of Saturday Soliloquy returning... we'll call this #15)

Did you know?  Probably not.  I haven't really mentioned it and most folks don't see me IRL often enough to realize it.  I haven't told all that many about WHY I wear skirts all the time.  I wanted to once, but then I just didn't feel like it was the right time, so I didn't.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about this subject for various reasons and keep feeling like I should share a bit about my story.  I don't know why now, but hey... I think it might be nice to finally share.

So, first and foremost I want to share that I do NOT think wearing skirts is something that's sort of mandated by the Bible.  I totally and completely disagree with that point of "man's philosophy" and, yes, I'm going to share why.

Let us consider Biblical times.  Basically, as far as we all know, pretty much everyone wore something that looked a bit like a dress... called robes.  Right?  Right.  So... there were women's robes and there were men's robes, yes?  Yes.  What was the difference?  Well, I haven't done any research on this, but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest there are at least a couple ways/reasons that some items were men's robes while others were only meant for women.  If YOU have done research on this and would like to say I'm wrong, I would love to hear what you have to say.  Keep it kind and provide proofs.  I'm totally willing to learn.

So... one way I think robes intended for men and woman may have been differentiated was by color.  Really, that way is not very important.  I think the more important factor was purposed intent AND weave.  I think there may have been an actual way of weaving a man's robe that was different from the way fabric intended for a woman's robe was woven.  Also, when the weaver was weaving, I have a feeling that s/he was thinking about the person (even, just the male or female-ness of the person) the fabric would clothe.

If you don't realize the power of intention and the energy of it, then this point will seem weird and totally lame to you.  If you DO realize how much intention impacts this world, then you already understand that intention alone would/does make a world of difference in the fabric.  Combine that with an actual weaving pattern or process and you have fabric made for men's garments and fabric made for women's garments.  SOoooo... even if a woman wore her robe draped THE SAME way as a man, it would be a woman's robe based on the fabric and intention woven into it.  The reverse being true for a man as well.

This brings me to our day.  Women's clothing is specifically made for women's bodies.  It is NOT an abomination for a woman to wear something purposefully made for a woman's body - whether it's a skirt, pants, or otherwise.  It would be an abomination for a woman to wear the kind of kilt intended for a man for the same reason it is an abomination for a woman to wear man's pants.  But for a woman to wear pants made with the intention that a woman would wear them... therein is NO abomination.  Now... if a fella goes around wearing pants made FOR WOMEN... that is the same sort of abomination as a woman wearing pants made for a man.

Okay, so I don't wear skirts all the time because I think pants are abomination for women, generally.  Then why do I do it?  Will I always do it?

I think I wold like to wear pants again some day.  So, I probably will.  But for now, it's skirts all the time for me.  Why?

Okay... so... getting close to 3 years ago I realized a few things about how someone important to me perceived me.  Silly as it may be, the realization of these things drastically impacted my perception of myself.  I already had self-esteem issues (especially about my physical appearance) and it just got super bad.  When I looked at myself in the mirror (which I avoided) I saw a hideous creature.  The only thing that set me apart from a guy was the lack of stuff in my pants (I did wear them at the time) and the two bumps on the upper part of my body.  I felt mannish and ugly and totally unattractive.

I wanted to feel better... and I couldn't think of anything that would help me feel NOT mannish... so I started wearing skirts.  For the most part, guys don't wear them, so I was able to do something that was definitely NOT generally approached by men or considered mannish.

And then some stuff started to happen when I was out and about in the world... guys held doors for me wherever I went (still do).  They spoke respectfully to me (much more than before) and still do.  Even other women seem kinder, more respectful, and gentler?  I'm not talking about aquaintances and friends... I'm talking about perfect strangers that I probably won't ever see again.  The fact that I felt more feminine was definitely good for me.  Increasingly, I could look in the mirror and NOT see a beastly mannish female.  I started to see a fluffy girl (cause I'm actually overweight) who was doing her best.

Now... I still don't see a beauty-girl or anything.  But I see a lady when I look in the mirror.  I really think wearing skirts all the time has been really important to my development... all aspects: mental, emotional, spirtual, and even physical.

I also really enjoy meeting other women who always wear skirts.  Generally, we do it for totally different reasons (they almost always think women wearing pants is abomination because of what I believe is misunderstood and misinterpreted Bible stuff... misinterpreted, I believe, because fellas would like their gals to be in skirts all the time, so they subconsciously seek to control them into so doing by interpreting the Bible in this manner).  I truly believe, even if my reasonings are not absolutely spot on, that their interpretation is far askew the actual meaning.  I truly believe that my understanding of intent is more what the Bible is referring to.

We can believe differently.  There's nothing wrong with that!  It's the weaponizing of opposing beliefs that is the problem.  And I don't mean bringing in weapons like guns and knives, though that does happen in far too many disagreements.  I mean, weaponizing by the use of name calling... or trying to turn the discussion into something it's not.

So, I'm going to say right out: I love when other women wear skirts all the time.  I think it's lovely.  I love it regardless of their reasons for doing it.  I might disagree, but I'm going to support you and love you no matter what.  Cause that's what we're supposed to do, right!??  :)

Just a girl becoming a lady with her little ladies.
This is the only photo I could find me me wearing a skirt that looks even half-way decent.
 Yes, you can laugh now!

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