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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Working Wednesday

I stopped these posts because I was just so frustrated about my tent remaining non-functional due to problems replacing a broken part.  The problem is mostly resolved, but not compltely.  It caused another problem, though.  I'm selling indoors for December because I could, at least, do that and I didn't want to miss ANOTHER market day because my tent company couldn't get me the correct part to repair my tent.  The new problem: it's more expensive to sell inside AND inside gets less traffic.

Dec. 4th
Dec. 11th

Dec. 11th trying to get baby to smile.

Ria holding baby and our setup on the 11th.
God has been very good to us and we've had a few sales each time.  Praying for more as we could really use the business and encouragement in business!  If you think to pray for us, I hope you will!  I KNOW prayer works wonders!!!

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