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Friday, December 13, 2013

Gifts for Girls

I have four girls, so I know what mine love!  If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear what gifts YOU think girls would love.

As for mine: My eldest daughter asked for the complete set (books and movies) of Star Wars, a music box, and any series of mytery books.

My second daughter asked for a white dress, boots with fur (what girls doesn't love shoes??), a ballerina doll, a muff or mittens, and a toy pig.
My third daughter asked for: jewelry (she specifically wants Lilla Rose so she can set up for sales!  SO awesome!  At 5 she wants to be in business for herself!), yarn and a crochet hook, sewing machine, Chick-Fil-A toy, and a puzzle.
My youngest daughter is 6 months old.  She will get a gift and play with the box more, at least initially... so there's that funny thing about kids.  ^_^

My girls are pretty assured of getting some Flexis for Christmas, so they didn't specifically ask for that.  Flexis are awesome for every girl in your life... little ladies love them as much as older ones.  And they are lovely for anyone.

I'm a girl... but more accurately a woman and more specifically, I hope, a lady.  My wish list includes things that that are behavior more than tangible.  Probably also related to the fact that I'm a Mama!!  ^_^

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