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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Kitty Kat!

My Kat

Born SEVEN years ago.
perfect in imperfection
a royal daughter of Heavenly Father
my sweet
Kitty Kat

I can hardly believe it's been SEVEN YEARS!
I'm so grateful every single day for this girl of mine.
Praise the Lord for mercifully blessing me
with SUCH an awesome person in my life and heart!

Around here birthdays are SPECIAL days.  But they are also quiet most years.  Every 4th year (starting at 4 years old), my children get a BIG party and gifts.  Every other year, they get to make a wish list and we try to make their wishes come true.

Kat's List This Year:
3 movies
Temple Trip (family)
Chick-Fil-A for lunch with ice cream
Ria to make burrito stuff
angel food cake with fruit and whipped cream (as her birthday cake)
all girls wearing Lilla Rose (honest to goodness this was her wish!)  ^_^
feed acorns to the goats
pizza for breakfast
carmel popcorn made by Daddy

Obviously, we still have some wishes to fulfill, but I'm pretty sure they are all do-able!  I'm so grateful for such sweet children as I'm blessed to have.  Their wish lists are SO sweet!  Donchathink!!??  :)  We'll continue the fun tomorrow!

Happy birthday my sweet Kit Kat!!

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1 comment:

vicki said...

Please tell about he pic!!!
Ilove the sweet bday wishes, too!
So they wore the Hair jewels to the temple? Got pics???
Love you.
love your blog today.

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