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Monday, October 7, 2013

Meditation Monday #42

Another week done.  I meant to begin another 40 day challenge last week, but haven't done so yet.  I'm going to do it this week.  I'm pretty sure I'll add in a "conquering anger" meditation.

One great thing to report about my own efforts to meditate... I woke at 5am this morning.  Haven't done that for a while since I couldn't walk in the dark anymore after the scare I had about a month ago.  Well, I woke up (more than an hour before my alarm) and meditated instead of going back to sleep!  YEAY!  I felt SO good.  Still do!  :)

Because I woke so early, I was able to do a 30 minute Kirtan Kriya (haven't been able to do that since babygirl was newborn and then it was difficult) and an 11 minute prosperity meditation.  I've been successfully doing those for a bit more than week almost daily.  Babygirl helps me by being happy and gurgling, playing with her feet, and "singing" while I do my work.  She is SUCH a good little walking (2 hours today) and meditation buddy!  ^_^

I read my scriptures and planned to do some crocheting, but fell asleep trying to help my babygirl fall asleep (nursing).  Woke and went on my walk (which is sorta meditative since I pray a lot during that time).

So, even though the day is only a bit past noon, I'm feeling good of how I've been able to take care of myself and do a bit for my business already, too.  YEAY!
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