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Monday, June 30, 2008

Job Hunting and Crochet

Last night I did the bills in hopes that we would have enough money for Jess to do some more grocery shopping this morning. It didn't work out. What did happen was Tori getting even more stressed out about our finances. So, when Jess came out of the laundry room/computer room, I told him he wouldn't be going grocery shopping, but I did need him to go job hunting! So, he did that this morning. He feels good about his efforts. My preferences were not heeded, so that's a bit annoying, but I'm trying to be trusting and faithful, too... so, we'll see. :)

I think that the job hunting is going to be a major time sucker for Jess in the upcoming future. It feels like we need the change really soon because the bills are starting to not work out smoothly at all. I'm pretty bummed about that. I'm just so tired of having this particular trial repeat, over and over in our lives! *sigh* I do think it'll work out - eventually. Or, perhaps it's more accurate to say I HOPE they will.

My main preoccupation lately has been crocheting. The new baby's blanket is taking quite a lot longer than either of the previous two. I definitely attribute this to the fact that I'm using two colors, so there's just more to DOing it. It already looks quite cool and the actual depth of the blanket is only about 3 inches. :)

Oh, I "finally" learned that Evelyn, Chris, and Addie received the package I'd mailed. I was anxious to hear the parents' impressions. I actually only spoke to Evelyn, but she was very pleased. I'm really glad!! I was sort of nervous about it because the hat had an added bit to it... which I forgot to mention to Evelyn that she could really easily disassemble just that portion if she didn't prefer it. Well, either she'll learn that here or I'll eventually remember to tell her. :) She often tends toward less is more sort of fashion (and does it beautifully), so she might prefer NOT to have the little fringe I added to the hat to make it match the booties.

I still have yet to start my own new baby's jacket, hat, booties, and Tigger doll. I can hardly believe I'm 26 weeks preggie and I'm so far behind! My only really good excuse is that I've never had a calling AND been homeschooling like I am now with either other pregnancy. (of course) I really need to get to work on those items something serious! The Tigger, alone, will take a couple weeks (if I'm able to work on it regularly). ah well

We've had some SERIOUS rain this afternoon. I'm REALLY hoping that means it's going to be nice and clear around 6:30pm for my walk! I learned, from my midwife, that the walking helps my anus (when it's tender as it has been lately) because the exercise reduces my blood pressure. Neat, huh? Now, to do something about the constipation! ugh!!!

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