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Monday, June 9, 2008

Kickin Up a Storm

Saturday night Jess was bonding with our unborn baby. Basically, thus far, that just means rubbing the belly. He noticed, during the process, that the uterus is more pronounced, but my actual belly is smaller! What a joy to hear!! ^_^ That's really a tangent to the point, though.

Well, the baby started kickin really strongly as Daddy's hand was near. Jess told me he didn't feel it, though, when I asked. Well, as he continued to rub gently, the baby decided to try another tack to getting some attention! Instead of kicking, s/he somehow wedged him/herself in there and pushed REALLY hard. The result was that some part of the baby was protruding MUCH more than normal. This was true to such an extent that Jess felt the hard knot of tension that was the baby! The baby stayed like that for about 2 minutes and Jess and I marveled together that the baby was really trying to make sure his/her presence was felt/known! This whole thing was a totally new experience for us. Neither Ria nor Kat ever did anything like this - and ESPECIALLY NOT at 22.5 weeks in utero!!!

During the day on Sunday I was sitting quietly with the girls. As I was sitting I started to feel the baby move a lot and pretty strongly. So I started to watch my belly a little. This baby was kicking so hard that I actually SAW my belly move a number of times! While this is not terribly unusual during pregnancy I must add that at this time the baby is supposedly around a mere 1 pound heavy and 11 inches long! Can you imagine what I'm in for in a few months!!?? It's really amazing how very different each baby/pregnancy is. It will be even MORE amazing if this big kicker is a girl simply because she will be so TOTALLY different from Ria and Kat. Of course, that sort of goes without saying, but still. :)

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