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Friday, June 13, 2008

Birth and Blood

a BIRTH in my extended family
I just wanted to share, for any who might know my sister, that she had her baby on June 10th. The pictures are up, so if you know her, you'll find her blog in my list. You can peek in on her life through it... and check out her sweet babe!

BLOOD on my toilet paper
So, if you're someone for whom TMI is an issue I just want to assure you that as far as I can tell, the baby is just fine. This issue of blood is about the Mama... and nether regions usually unmentioned in polite circles. If you do have a problem with TMI, you might want to just skip this next bit.

I've had a suspicion for a while now that I generally house my most troublesome stress in my bowels; and more specifically the end of that tract. Last year when Jess and I were having the worst of the hard times we went through I was very unwell physically. NO, it was NOT psychosomatic. However, I'm just as certain that the emotional stress I was coping with was aggravating a problem already raw from the birth of Kitty Kat.

I started to notice after a few bouts of blood on my toilet paper after I went pooh... and worse, blood in the bowl! that these issues occurred the day after a big emotional storm with Jess. Even more specifically, after Jess and I exchanged words and then I felt deep in a dark hole of depression and misery. So, I suppose it really shouldn't surprise me too terribly much that I had bloody TP tonight. Today is, after all, the day after the deepest emotionally onset depression I've experienced in QUITE a while. (I've had hormonal depressions and very blue days following frustrating situations or experiences... but not despair like I felt all day Wednesday and carried over to Thursday morning!)

Why would I share such information? Well, I think it's important to make connections. And perhaps someone who reads this blog entry may realize that the migraines (or whatever) they experience follow a similar pattern and that if they can change the dynamics of arguments (or eliminate them altogether) with their significant other (or at least alter their own reaction to the loved one's tirades), then they might decrease or even eradicate the resultant head thumper (or whatever)! I really do believe that I can make the necessary changes... and if I can... ANYONE can!!! ^_^

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