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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finally Updating Pictures

All of the following pictures are from before Easter, 2008.

The girls were just playing around with some of the hats we have amongst their toys.
Aren't they just the cutest?!?

The following pictures show Ria dancing. I don't have a movie of these moves and haven't been able to spend the time to figure out the whole movie upload bit, anyway.

Ria spinning.

More spinning.

A curtsy.

Releve (on tippy toes). You notice her hands go out of position due to concentration. ^_^

This is part of her recital, in it she's showing her ballet slippers.

Still showing the slippers (and singing the song that goes with the recital piece).

"We are baby ballerinas!"
They swing their arms as if holding a baby.

Showing her shoes again.
"Our new shoes,"

She's got her hands at her side and wiggles her hips forward one at a time.
"and our tutus,"

This is supposed to be an arabesque, but the girls turned it into some sort of side leg lift.
This was actually a VERY good one for Ria because she held it for a few moments.

Cupe (toes pointed at ankle)

Pase (toes pointed at knee)

I have many more pictures to add and will try to do some each day until I have updated the photos to the most recent we've taken. I was really nervous to even try this with all the problems I had with the uploads and such, but figured I had to get to it sometime or another!

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