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Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Husbands

make happy homes!

I know it is often said that a Mother is the heart of the home and her attitude is sort of the thermometer or barometer of the home. I would agree with this, in general, but in my life and, specifically, my family life currently, the feeling my husband brings home with him infects me tremendously! Jess came home (and often does!) so cheerful today. I was feeling totally poopy because I've had a headache since... well, for over two weeks now. Not only does my head hurt, but I have begun to feel oppressed by pain. So, I wasn't in a terribly good mood. But Jess was happy when he came home and he didn't get poopy just because I was poopy. He stayed up-beat and just felt really positive for his brief lunch time with us.

I found that by the end of lunch together AND after he left I felt so much more able to cope with the constant pain because my mood was lifted by that of my hubbie. And the further I went into my afternoon and evening the more I've felt gratitude for this aspect of my husband because when he's happy I feel happier!! It's times like these that I'm so grateful that Jess has a work schedule that enables him to be home with us during the middle-ish part of the day. :)

Ria was talking to her Aunt Evelyn early this evening because today is her birthday. During the course of their really rather long conversation, Ria told Evelyn that her Daddy needed to get another job. She named only one specific reason for this and then went on to explain that he needed to get a really good job, but that he still had to be able to come home for lunch with us. I thought that was so interesting and wonderful. Especially because I really struggled with an idea for lunch today! I mean, I'm sure Ria would love having her Daddy home even if we didn't eat with him, but the couple of times that situation has actually occured, it really troubled her that we didn't eat a meal with her Daddy. It's just nice to realize, I guess, that I'm doing something that matters to her! Ya know? :)

I was actually able to go for a walk today! I went quite early because the sky was quite overcast and I was afraid I would get rained in if I waited until my normal time. So, I perspired a great deal more than I normally would have for the pace I walked (because it was QUITE hot even though overcast), but I felt SO much better after the walk than I have since Tuesday (when I was last able to walk). My head still hurt, but the pain was diminished! YEAY!!! I did a 66 minute walk and would have liked to do more, but the girls were bickering a bit too much for me to keep going since we were so close to home at the end.

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