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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life is a Circus... How Many Rings Does Yours Have?

Ring Master Ria
The title today is inspired by Ria. Just a little while ago I heard her, as I was lying down on the couch resting again, narrating to an imaginary audience. She was obviously trying to build up some suspense and excitement for what she was about to present. The words were there, but it was also the tone - the way she was totally ANNOUNCING it. "Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you something that will surprise and wonder you. It is Kathryn!" And then she proceeded in her announcer style to tell Kathryn to do certain things, "Now, Kathryn will go to the microphone," and here she got a bit more quiet so I couldn't hear further instructions from Ring Master Ria. How funny, huh? Ria has never seen a circus... oh, well, I suppose she has seen ONE: DUMBO. ^_^

Midwife Visit
I'm pretty sure that covers the whole circus aspect of the day since our days are pretty quiet as of late. I suppose today has been more exciting than normal because we had our midwife visit. Everything is great. Baby heartbeat is at 140 (range 120-160 is good/normal). Mama's blood pressure is same as last time 110 over 62! ^_^ THANK YOU WALKS!!!! And belly measurement: 28 centimeters. Uhhh... did you SEE that number? You know, of course, a preggie belly is supposed to measure the same in centimeters as the Mama is weeks preggie. I'm 25 by my count, which isn't TOO off. But my midwife has me at 24 and a couple days. BUT even at 25 weeks (my count) I've never measured more than 2 weeks ahead of my weeks. So... what do you think?? Lately I've really thought there was probably only one baby in there, but now I'm not so sure. If the measurements are up a week more next time, I'm going to have to schedule an ultrasound. :( The way I'm trying to comfort myself about this situation is that #1 having an US will enable me to keep my home birth and #2 the US will NOT be prior to 30 weeks gestation. We'll see. It could totally even out and I won't even have to worry about it!

Today was the gestational diabetes test, which I didn't realize. So I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich for breakfast. :( This is not the best meal to have in preparation for that particular test! Hopefully it comes back normal or I'll have to pay for extra labs on my blood! ah well... it's my own fault, I wasn't heeding the promptings....

Scary Excitement in the Van
The other aspect of excitement this morning is that we were almost sideswiped by a Volusia County School truck this morning. (It was about the size of a standard Chevy S-10, but still!) Jess didn't even perceive it as soon as I did, which caused his reaction to be very lagging, which caused me some extra anxiety. The truck would have hit me, by the way. Also, Jess is really slow to honk the horn. I, on the other hand, feel that horns are the only way to communicate with other vehicles, so I use it if I feel the need. Different ways of honking for different purposes, of course. This particular instance would have been a LONG drawn out honk with lots of exclamatory short honks afterward! At least Jess did honk, though! Thankfully, we were not touched by the other vehicle. Father was certainly offering his protection. My anxiety was super high. I'm glad it happened after my blood pressure was taken! haha

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