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Saturday, June 21, 2008

When I look into your eyes...

Jess told me that this morning Ria said to him, "When I look into your eyes, I know that I love you." The things they say, right!? So sweet!

When Jess was leaving for work a few moments ago, Ria came over to me and asked to do love fits with me. When I looked at her funny (because this is usually something we do when someone is leaving) she said, "I just want to do love fits with you because I love you!" My heart felt all melty, of course! :)

Kitty Kat is pretending so much. She's been doing this one particular thing for a while. I wish I understood what it is she's giving me... but, alas, her words are still often unintelligible. Basically, she'll bring something over to me in her closed little fist and "say things" until I put my hand out. Then she'll turn her hand as if putting something into my hand. She often adds a tapping of her hand on my hand to this whole scenario. She's told me what it is that she's giving to me, but I couldn't tell ya what it's actually supposed to be. As long as I smile and thank her for sharing, she is VERY pleased and giving me all kinds of goofy-cute smiles!

My funny sweet girls!

Jess is feeling under-the-weather today. The actual weather outside is pretty dreary, too, so I'm sure that doesn't help things. I actually realized that my feelings of a sort of physically depressive-ness could well be because of the barometer this week! No, seriously! Why wouldn't the body have a reaction to the weather!?? It makes sense because I haven't felt all down and out emotionally, but I HAVE felt really slow and poopy physically, but not ill, per se. Interesting.

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