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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yep, Still Catching Up on Pictures

Ria and Kat sitting in "Ria's" chair.
Ria actually read the whole book, though I don't think Kat sat for all of it.

The following is a series Daddy caught.
Ria is painting a wooden jewelry box she received from her Aunt Anni, Uncle Joey, and cousins for Christmas. She subsequently gave the completed product to Mama for Mother's Day!

Ria all dressed up after her Recital Pictures.

Ria in a box.
Go figure!

Kitty Kat pretend-feeding the baby Ria in the box.

I was just trying to document Kat's first black eye.
She didn't want to have ANYthing to do with me taking
pictures at this time. Don't know why. She usually
LOVES having her picture taken.
She got this doozy of a black eye when she dove off
one of the couches and hit a box on the floor.
Jess named it, aptly, COUCH DIVING.

Do you see anything a bit odd in this picture?
Here's a hint: Kat dressed herself.
If you still don't see it, her shirt is on backwards! :)

Daughter like Daddy... this little girl can fall asleep
ANYwhere doing ANYthing! Seriously!
Here we have Kat asleep in a chair.
Did she finish reading CAT IN THE HAT?

There are more pictures, but, for the most part these are the best of the months missing. I'll uplaod any really good ones I come across. But I think I'm finally caught up! ^_^

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