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Sunday, June 8, 2008


So, Jess wasn't able to go to church because he's had a really rough stomach ache. He was going to keep Kat home, but I wanted her to get back to nursery (she missed last week because she had a REALLY runny nose). Needless to say, I think, I wasn't really looking forward to Sacrament Meeting on my own. I know plenty of women do it all the time - and with more than two kiddos. But I REALLY look forward to Sacrament Meeting as a time Jess takes over for an hour and I get to just pay attention to something geared toward adults!

Well, Ria was excited to go to church, as she always is. And even though she was sad that Daddy wasn't going, she was only bothered by that as we drove away from the house. She was most bothered by the fact that he didn't stand at the garage door and wave to us. But when I explained that he had to run to the bathroom because of his belly hurting, she was really all right with the whole situation.

The drive to church was quite ok. Often enough Ria will whine or fuss about one thing or another. Not a bit of that this time, though.

We arrived to church in plenty of time to get our seats and deliver the Primary attendance folders to the classes (even with both girls helping, which takes longer) and still be able to sit down before the services started! YEAY!!!

As we walked from our van to the church Ria said, "Isn't it beautiful today?!" I agreed that it was. And then she almost reverently added, as she looked the church, "It's an enchanting day!" I looked down at my little girl in a bit of surprise and asked if I'd heard her right. She looked up at me with her angelic smile (not often used with ME!) and told me I was right and asked, "Isn't it an echanting day!?" I had to admit that it was, if for no other reason than because of HER!! :) What an amazing little girl, eh?

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