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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling a Bit Under the Weather

The Weather
I missed my walk today (second day in a row now) because it was raining. I believe this is actually a blessing because Kitty Kat had a fever for most of the day and a bit of diarrhea. She's also told me that her back, foot, and head hurt her at different (and multiple) times during the day. She hasn't felt well. So, it's really a blessing that we actually could NOT go because that meant I got dinner ready and the girls were in bed by about 8:30pm, which is completely unheard of when we leave for the walk at 7pm. We're usually getting home and barely eating at 8:30pm! So, we're literally under the weather (a big storm that took the electricity out for a little while!) and figuratively with Kitty Kat feeling ill.

Ria read a difficult Finding Nemo book to her Daddy and sister this morning. Kitty Kat spent that time doing three things: looking at her own book, paying attention to what Ria was reading, and practicing praying! I got this second hand, but the way Jess talked about it the whole thing was very cute. Kat does like to begin prayers (sitting or standing reverently). If it lasts longer than a blessing, though, she's off doing something else before long. Obviously she's a toddler.

Ria is just doing amazingly well with her reading. She is getting a little careless with articles, some prepositions, and conjunctions. I think she's just being a little lazy because when it comes to larger words she gets them correct nine times out of ten. She's just rushing a bit too much. We are also working on appropriate pausing. That can be a real humdinger sometimes. She stops at the end of a line rather than the end of a sentence. And then rushes right through the periods. No worries, though, I'm sure she'll catch on and have it figured out before too long. :)

Jess is becoming more and more easily annoyed and aggravated by the seemingly foolish choices made by some people he works for. He's having an increasingly difficult time fitting his knowledge into the "peon" position he's stuck in for various reasons. This is difficult for him, but this is yet another thing to add to the blog post: WHAT HUSBANDS DON'T KNOW. When he is frustrated and upset about his work, I feel frustrated and upset long after he leaves. I just want him to be happy! I know that every job is going to have its ups and downs, but when it feels like there are only downs (from the vented upon perspective that's what it feels like right now), I just want him to get to work on finding other work! So, while he may feel dissatisfied, I feel agitated AND dissatisfied because I am really unable to do anything but listen! Oh, what a difficult position. I would certainly NOT prefer to take over the work role as well as everything else I do and worry about, but sometimes I think it would really be a lot easier if all I really had to worry about was working and spending time with my kiddos when I was home! I know this is simplifying a guy's position a LITTLE bit, but I'm thinking it's not MUCH more complicated than that.

I believe I'm not too terribly far off in the fundamental difference between Jessie's situation (mental and emotioal, but also in reality as well) and mine because of this little joke Jessie LOVES!!! Here it is. Yes, it IS a picture.

Believe it or not, I totally did NOT get it the first time I saw it. I didn't actually see the labels "Man" and "Woman," either, so that's my excuse and I'm stickin to it! Anyway... I just needed to vent somewhere about my state of dissatisfaction with Jessie's work. I would still have some issues with his jobs even if he didn't simply because he's held accountable for far more than he's paid to be, but that's a whole new screen of buttons, knobs, and lights! heehee ;)

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