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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Goofy Gal

I think I've used a similar title for a previous post about the girls. However, this one is all about me. Thus, gal instead of girls. :)

So, have you ever heard about how "brainless" preggie women can be? Have you ever heard of silly... dare I say, STUPID?, things preggie women have done?

I have. Fortunately up until the other night and the night-light incident I hadn't really felt like I fell among that group. Well, I'm firmly entrenched after last night's incident.

After Ria's dance recital Dad Farrell treated us to dinner at Sonny's and then we made a stop at Wal-Mart for him to get something. Well, I needed to go to the bathroom immediately, but ended up running into a friend from church I hadn't seen in months and was worried about, so I stopped to talk to her and her hubby. After a bit I was able to proceed to the back bathroom, which would put me closer to where Jess, the girls, and my Dad would be. Well, I got to the back and the bathrooms were closed. So I headed to the front bathrooms.

I went directly into the bathroom and headed straight for the largest stall since I had to go so baddly. I noticed that the bathroom seemed to have fewer stalls then I remembered, but it had been quite a while since I'd used the front ones, so I just figured they'd remodeled or something. I used the bathroom, MUCH relieved and headed out. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a guy standing and peeing in the women's restroom. My first thought was, "Wow is HE going to be embarrassed when he realizes he's in the wrong restroom!" And then it clicked in my head that he was STANDING to pee and that he could only do that if there was a URINAL... and then... "Oh NO, I'm in the MEN'S bathroom!!!!" So, I practically ran out. The guy didn't know I was there, I HOPE! However, I did not escape undetected... two guys were walking out with their purchases RIGHT PAST me as I departed the restroom and they TOTALLY knew where I was coming from.

My only recourse was to walk as fast as possible and as soon as possible duck into the women's clothing area (to reaffirm my feminity!) and continue to speed walk to the electronics area to find my family. The whole way I was uncontrollably laughing with a few snorts sucked through my nose to make my predicament even more embarrassing. Thankfully I only passed a few people on the way to find my group.

Confession to my Dad and then Jess was the relief I needed, but it was QUITE difficult to get out amid the breath-stealing laughter I was trying to keep quiet. I was sweating up a STORM by the time I was finally able to calm down and breath properly.

So, I have finally, and FIRMLY, joined the ranks of the mentally GONE and goofy Mamas of the world! ;)

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