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Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Day

Today was pretty quiet. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary. But I do want to share that the girls wanted their hair done before Daddy got home. This time they both asked for it! :) Actually, first Kat asked me to do her hair up (pony tail was fine) until Ria asked for her hair to be done. Ria wanted a braid and about half way through putting the braid in place, Kat pulled her pony tail out and wanted a braid too. So, they both had braided hair! Because Kat's isn't quite long enough I had to do a French Braid and she actually did quite well at the whole NOT moving for hairstyling bit. I was pretty impressed! They were both very pleased with their hair and pranced around for Daddy's compliments once he arrived home. You really would think I made a big to do about the way I appear for lunch with Jess, but I honestly do NOT. My big effort is to have a meal on the table and us sitting down to share it together for the majority of the 30 minutes he's home! So funny... my girls!

I did walk today, though only for 45 minutes. I was going to go for 60, but it was lightly sprinkling about half way in (20 min.) and I was worried it was going to storm like it did yesterday. So, I played it safe. It totally did NOT storm, though it did come down hard enough to have soaked me had I been out for the 80 minutes I want to do! My biggest accomplishment today is completing a few rows on the newest baby's special blanket made by Mama. Although it is basically the same pattern as Ria's and Kat's, I'm making the little popcorn parts orange, which takes quite a bit more time than keeping them white. I figured it was appropriate since this baby's stuffed animal (which I have not yet made) will be Tigger. :) So, his or her blanket, hat, and jacket will be white and orange. ^_^ I think it will be quite cool... and VERY cute! I'll definitely have to get pictures of the babe all dressed up and propped next to Tigger.

Oh, I caught Ria, in a picture, doing something wonderful! Unfortunately, Kat saw me as I was taking it, so it's not compeltely candid. I wanted to have it as part of this post, but my uploading program is having a hissy fit, so I'll have to edit for that... It's a picture of Ria and Kat sitting in the chair in which we usually sit for reading time together and Ria is reading The Book of Mormon to Kat!!!! Isn't that awesome and wonderful!!? It would be cool enough if it was The Book of Mormon Stories, but it's the full on BoM!!! She has access to it, but hasn't really done this sort of thing before. It's her very own copy and she sometimes takes it down to look at it and read it quietly to herself. I just feel and felt so very happy over this moment in time that I was able to catch in a picture!!!! ^_^

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