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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Day to Run Away

As wonderful as today was for at least one person in my extended family, it was truly horrible this evening for me. While the details are important to understanding my predicament, I feel they are inappropriate to share with the world at large. So, suffice it to say I have felt a bit of hell on Earth.

Even in hell, though, there are shining bits of joy and beauty. I will call mine: Ria and Kitty Kat. Pretty appropriate, I think! :) While they are also, at times, the most troublesome of trials, they've brought me some sweet moments in the midst of my anger and frustration of this night.

Kat, especially, seems well equipped to cheer me. Ria wants to hug and hold me, which I understand because that's what she needs when in a similar state. However, when angry such that I cry, I don't want touches. I don't really WANT anything, per se. Kathryn came over to me and put her head on my lap (much more tolerable than being climbed upon) and then looked up after a moment and gave me the goofiest, sweetest BIG smile. And I felt a burst of joy in the midst of frustration. I'm so very grateful to be a Mama! Even with the annoyance and frustrations I have felt as a Mama, moments such as that smile by Kat are priceless!!

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