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Saturday, June 28, 2008


On top of everything else Jess has to do, he's now, once again, in charge of grocery shopping. He's so wonderful about it, too, which makes the release of that responsibility easier for me to deal with. I hate to ask him to do yet something more, but there's this problem I have... so it's become rather necessary, as the moolah is much tighter right now, for the better shopper to be in charge. And Jess is definitely THAT!

I think it may be because I do the bills and so I know how much I could actually use... but whenever Jess goes grocery shopping, he comes home with almost exactly what I've put on the list. On the other hand, when I go.... I don't even want to go into what I come home with. I don't want to, but give me a minute and I'll get my guts up to bad mouth myself.

I think it also has to do with the horrible sense of foreboding I feel concerning food storage. I feel certain that something is going to happen and we're going to live off of our food storage again. I don't know what and I don't know exactly when, but it feels like it will be sometime after the baby is born, which causes me even greater anxiety.

So, basically, when I go grocery shopping I do NOT stick to the list. This is a good thing in that it seems the only time I remember certain necessary items is while I'm shopping. For whatever reason those itemS just don't seem to occur to me while I'm making the list. Usually the items are food storage related (at least lately). But the added items add up in the total, of course, and then I'm over budget. ARGH!

Jess took BOTH girls grocery shopping this morning. He doesn't prefer this because it is, admittedly, more difficult than taking one. But because he had them both I had a VERY quiet extra sleep time. MAN, I sure have needed a TON of sleep lately!!! I went to bed around 11:30pm last night and slept TWELVE hours and totally could have easily slept a few more. And this is how I've been feeling for a couple weeks now!!! ahwell... I guess this baby just needs extra energy to bake up properly. :)

YEAY, I was able to go for another walk today!!! Heavenly Father granted my request in that the rain came and went away prior to my walk time. After just a few minutes out walking I felt like I'd stepped out of a sauna because the air was just THAT wet. Amazing! But it felt really wonderful to get out again. This time it was 64 minutes. Thankfully my belly did NOT hurt nearly as bad or as much today as it did yesterday! I only had a couple big BH pains - as opposed to about 40 minutes worth yesterday.

Ria on the Phone
Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Chris made Ria's evening two nights in a row. Evie's birthday was yesterday and I swear Ria talked to her for a good 15 minutes or more. Chris's birthday was today and he chatted with her for a while. He was so sweet when he was trying to get off the phone with her. He's a very subtle guy, anyway. But Ria doesn't really GET subtle too well. I'm probably to blame. Not necessarily overtly (I hope), but when I was young subtley was TOTALLY lost on me. Perhaps it is genetic!?? I can hope. ;) I do have to say, sort of admiringly, Ria sure can talk on the phone! It's pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Kat was awake today so she also go to hear Uncle Chris. She doesn't speak much coherently - especially over the phone. BUT he did get to hear her say "bubble," which is mighty cute!

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