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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Incredibles

FHE - Family Home Evening
We had a lovely FHE night last night. Jess was home, which was really awesome and unusual. In addition to that he BBQed for dinner and we had a "picnic" in our bedroom and watched THE INCREDIBLES, all of which was part of FHE. We concluded the night with a short lesson about the importance of families and working together (an easy lesson FROM the movie!). Unfortunately, we got to bed quite late because when Daddy makes dinner it is usually finished quite late.

So, today I've had two majorly fussy-butt girls on my hands! Frustrating? Yes, definitely.

I finally cut Jessie's hair last night. It was QUITE long and getting shaggy in an ugly way. It looked very nice when I was finished, though! The point, however, is not so much that I cut his hair (because I'm the only one who does, so it does happen sort of often). The point is this: while I was cutting his hair I made what I considered a mistake in taking the fade up and said, "Oh, Gosh!" The remedy to the problem I'd created was rather easy, but it made me remember this story my sister Evelyn told me. Before they got married, I believe, Evelyn's soon to be Mother-in-law taught Evelyn how to do a basic male's haircut so that she could cut Chris's hair. One thing specifically, that Chris's Mom told Evelyn was something like, "Now, if you mess up you never say 'Uh-oh,' instead you say 'Hmmm-hmm-hm-hmmm' so that your guy doesn't get upset." Evelyn's story continues in that she told me the first time she cut Chris's hair she DID, in fact, mess up and her first reaction was, "Uh-Oh!" And Chris got a little excited and told her, "Uhhh, you're not supposed to say 'uh-oh'!" and I think he probably felt the reasoning behind it, too. This whole thing struck me as very funny and I'm sure I'd told Jess this story once before while cutting his hair.

Well, after I said, "Oh, gosh!" when cutting his hair last night I told him the story again. When I make exclamations, such as the one described, Jessie is never phased anymore. I've thought this was because he knows the cuts always turn out fine, so there's nothing to worry about. Well, after I told him Evelyn's story again last night, he asked me WHY I'd told him that story AGAIN. I reminded him of the exclamation I'd made. He told me, "Oh, I just figured that you just remembered that you forgot to add a row of something into the thing you were crossstiching (actually crocheting! and he totally knows the difference) earlier." This led to a brief conversation about how my memory behaves and a greater understanding of Jessie's nonchalance toward me when I make exclamations at any given time. Basically, I've exclaimed in alarm over things that were not present in our experience of time enough that Jess has generalized that most of the time I make an exclamation it's probably about something I haven't done or still need to do and am just remembering! Pretty funny, eh?

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