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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Almost 3 Days

I'm surprised, but not, that it's been "sooo" long. I thought it was only a day ago that I was writing about our little bits of life, but I was wrong. I've been really busy, but not... thus not on the computer for the last couple of days! I actually didn't even touch it - except for when Jess asked me to help him print something. It felt kinda good to go computer-less (which also means no movies on the internet) for those days. I may start doing it more frequently. ESPECIALLY since I have SO much work (crochet, specifically) to catch up on!

The busy-ness on Tuesday consisted, basically, of dozing/sleeping on the couch a LOT! I've been SO super tired. And it's not been because of late nite-nite times as much, either. I've been specifically trying to get to bed earlier (and having some success, I might add), but I still wake up and am not fully awake through most of the day - most days! Ria and I haven't even been consistent with classes this week because I've just been so tired. As a matter of fact, the girls didn't watch ANY television (movies) on Monday or Tuesday. They were REALLY awesome playmates most of that time both days. Kat has been pretending to be either a baby or a cat and Ria has been pretending that Kat is a Mama and Ria tells her to do certain things... it's pretty funny.

Jess had the night off from the Club. He and I reviewed some mail and as a result Jess realized that our financial situation is pretty sticky right now. (MAN, I'm glad we didn't make that trip to VA!! We'd be in some SERIOUS difficulty!!!) He was going to go out and put in some more applications, but he was super stressed out. So the girls and I put him in the laundry room (just kidding ^_^ hahaha) and we spent time together letting him unwind. He did and felt really relaxed about an hour later (too late to go put in applications at restaurants, though). I went on a walk all by myself after Daddy came out. He made dinner and we had a nice evening with the missionaries and a wonderful "Daddy-made" dinner.

After dinner we had a quickie FHE because Mama TOTALLY spaced it on Monday. The topic was The Word of Wisdom. Did I hear a "Why?" in the peanut gallery?? Well, you see, Ria has been obsessed with serving and "drinking" coffee lately. It IS all pretend. But considering that even Daddy doesn't drink coffee anymore AND Mama's belief system involves a belief that coffee is actually BAD for the body, the pretend serving and drinking of coffee felt really troublesome. The brief explanations of "we don't drink that" didn't make a difference. But Ria is very concerned about doing the right thing - WHEN we remind her that we have to do the right thing for Jesus to come to Earth again (second coming). She tells me regularly that she misses Jesus and wants him to come again (see above parenthetical phrase)! So, I knew that framing the concept of not pretending with coffee in the idea that it's something we believe Jesus and Heavenly Father want us to avoid would make a MUCH bigger impact on Ria's actual behavior.

Jess did get out to put in applications! YEAY!!! Mama went on another walk alone. YEAY!!! Ria did NOT pretend about coffee. YEAY!!! And we had a happy, quiet night at home as a family.

Today has been a really nice day.

The girls and I went to the playground early to play with Philline (mama) and Genevieve (daughter) who are in town until Saturday from GA. They have a home here, so we usually get to see them once a month. They are AWESOME and we wish they lived here! But we love to spend time with them when they are in town. :)

We were at the playground for about an hour and then went to Story Time. Heather (mama) and Ava (daughter) were there again, so we were able to spend some time with them afterward at the playground. We like and enjoy them a great deal as well! Eva (mama) and Miranda (daughter) were there this week (not last), so we got to see and chat a little with them as well. Also very cool. We're so blessed to know some wonderful ladies and little girls!

Lunch time quickly approached and we had to leave the playground to get home to make lunch for Daddy. We had a nice time with him home for half an hour. Ria got to watch Kat's movie and then was supposed to take a nap. Kat often falls asleep during her movie (a short PBS set of Caillou cartoons) and she did today. Ria did not sleep, but she didn't break down in tantrums through the evening either. (YEAY!!)

Mama watched most of a movie on the internet and then we went on a walk on the way to Philline's house for dinner. That was a 21 minute walk. (On the way to and from the library I clocked just under 20 minutes, total.) We had a lovely time spending time with Philline, Genevieve and Mr. Mark (a little, he mostly took the opportunity to have some alone time ^_^). On the way home we took some detours so Mama could clock another 20 minute walk. So, even though it wasn't all together as it usually is, I got about 60 minutes in throughout the day! YEAY!!!

So, all is well - other than feeling constantly bombarded by fatigue! I know I was tired with Ria and Kat (especially Ria because I was working and always stressed out), but this is a whole new experience this time!

I don't remember if I even wrote about the flub concerning this issue... but I will now. :) At my last midwife appointment I had blood drawn for the gestational diabetes (my current midwife does require it) and to check my iron levels. I didn't realize it was the GD test time, so I ate a peanut butter and HONEY sandwich for breakfast. I realized, after the blood was taken, that this was the wrong sort of meal to consume prior to this test! I shared the info with Karen and she was glad to know because if it came back positive, we'd trash it and do another after I'd eaten the correct meal (which she gave me the instruction sheet for this time). Well, as it happens, when Karen took my blood she commented that it didn't look likely that I would be anemic because my blood was such a good color, but she definitely seem concerned about the GD test coming back positive.

The results? They actually came in the next day (or two?) and I just forgot to share. :) I do NOT have GD (which I didn't think likely even with the bad meal prior to the test), but I DO have anemia! I basically always have anemia - at least every time my blood has been tested (except for once when I was preggie with Kat). It's at a 10.1, which is totally NOT good, but because I've got plenty of time, I should be able to raise it just fine. So, I'm doing my liquid chlorophyll and vitamin C really regularly and I'm sure I'll be fine when we next check (in a little over a month). This might partially explain the fatigue, but then again NOT. Because I have anemia EVERY time my blood is checked and I do NOT normally feel THIS tired.

Maybe my body is making a boy baby... it's never done THAT.... Who knows!!!

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