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Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday and Friday, thus far

Thursday Morning
We totally missed story time because I was too wiped out to walk over there and spend time in the sun. The girls didn't realize it, though, so at least it wasn't a huge disappointment for them. Jess went to bring back the videos we borrowed (one week limit) last Thursday and came home with the activity and surprise from Ruth, our AWESOME librarian! They did stories on dinosaurs, made a stegosaurus, and received a dino egg (a towel in an egg that opens up in water) as a surprise. So Ria is now very keen to learn more about dinosaurs. I'm excited to have a topic of study that she's interested in and curious about that is pretty specific! ^_^

Jess finished the yard work for my Visiting Teaching. That's some food/gas money that we wouldn't otherwise have. YEAY hubby!!! ^_^ He was totally wiped out after the outdoor work. He loves to work outside, but it definitely drains a person to be in the sun - especially when one is not used to it. So, he had a short bit of nap prior to leaving for work.

Thursday Evening

My walk was cut 20 minutes short by rain. It wasn't hard rain, but it was steady enough that after walking in it for about 15 minutes I was pretty near soaked. What a bummer! But at least I got 40 minutes in for the day.

The girls were both really rough today. I yelled. :( It was a difficult evening.

I actually went to bed with the lights out and everything before Jess got home. I wasn't asleep, unfortunately. Even when he came to bed about 45 minutes later I was still lying there tired as all heck and unable to sleep! It's the belly... it's definitely the size of a 35 week belly with all the discomfort that comes with that unwieldy size. I ended up on the couch about an hour later just because I would be able to prop myself up in such a way as to be able to rest enough to MAYBE fall asleep (I hoped). I was right, THANKFULLY, and finally got to sleep around 1am. That's after going to bed (in hopes of sleeping) at 10:30pm!!!!!!!! ARGH! So, I'm going to try for "early" bed time again tonight and see how it goes. We'll see.

Friday Morning
Jess got up with the girls since they went to our bedroom and I wasn't there. I was totally going to get off the couch to deal with them, but when he came out he told me to go back to bed. I was way too tired to argue, so I did. But when I saw the clock I headed for the shower because I thought we needed to leave in 30 minutes for our Primary Activity Day. After my shower, as I was trying to rush the girls to eat their breakfast, Jess informed me that the clock in our room was an hour fast! So... he sent me back to bed. Even that 45 minutes made a BIG difference!

Activity Day was a blast! The kids had SUCH a good time (and I'm not JUST talking about mine). Kitty Kat's favorite station was the water balloon slingshot! She got to sling at least 5 balloons and 2 or 3 on her own! ^_^ She was just so tickled with that!!! (It was my favorite, too, actually!)

Ria was with a group of older girls. Her favorite is Keeli. Keeli really seems to like Ria, too, which is fun to observe. I love that Ria seems drawn to some of the sweetest of the older girls. I hope this is a sign that she is a good judge of character! ^_^

Our new chorister commented about Ria's reading ability to me today. She was very impressed and asked if I planned to homeschool all the way through. She doesn't have children of her own, yet, but she also wasn't totally judgmental or opinionated about it, which was refreshing! She actually said that the plan I told her I have agreed to with Ria sounded pretty neat. You see, Ria is set on going to Public School. So, we have made an agreement that when she is finished with her "Diploma" work she can go to high school. I figure the youngest she'll likely have it completed is 14 and I think that would be workable. By then I would probably try to convince her to take Community College courses or work to make money doing something or other, but it will be her choice at that point. She'll be able to do Advanced classes and test out of college courses... I just hate the idea of her in the "high school" environment. ahwell... time will tell!

When we came home Jess got to work on the tire for the van. It's had a slow leak for a while, but it was getting faster. I was super impressed at how quickly he went from one activity to another. What a guy!!! :) He had that finished in time to get ready for work and headed off for THAT in plenty of time. I'm so super impressed.

Oh, and he returned a call and has an interview for a morning Sushi Chef job!!! I'm so excited (even though it's in Palm Coast, which means a $2 fee each day to get to the Club) because he'd get to work in a Japanese restaurant, which he has LOVED! I hope it will work out that he can take it... enough $ offered and all. Pray for us, if you think of it! :)

Still More
And the day is still young. Not much has happened thus far this afternoon and I rather hope it will be NICE and QUIET. :) I could use the peace. Ya know? But who can tell with a toddler and a youngster. ^_^

Death In The Family
Okay, to this may be a little bit of hyperbole... but given that I don't have terribly many pants OR shoes that I can comfortably wear (ESPECIALLY NOW!) it feels pretty tragic to me. WHAT??!! You want to know. Well, if you recall I had to retire my favorite exercise shoes (a gift from my Parents as of last summer) because one of them had an actual hole in the sole and the other was near to having a hole. Well, my favorite pair of exercise pants has small holes between the legs... not in the crotch, but where my legs rub together. Oh, you might think this is wonderful news because the holes indicate some shrinkage of thigh-age... true enough, and I should be pleased. But these pants are still comfy over my BIG belly... they are light weight, so don't feel like a damp towel when I'm at the end of my walk... and THEY'RE COMFY! Additionally, they were a VERY sweet gift from Jess. I believe he gave me these pants as a part of a Victoria's Secret pajama set when I got home from Australia because he was worried about me being cold in his (our) home! ^_^ I know they are just pants... and I normally do not get all weird about physical accouterments... but this just feels SAD! ahwell... I'll hopefully be able to get a couple more days out of them, at least.

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