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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adding Pictures

Daddy and Ria Cookin' Up a Storm
I think I'd just come home from a walk to see this sweet scene.
Ria LOVES to wear "cooking clothes" when she works with Daddy.
It just seems not to be the same to her if she's not attired properly!
Jess is SUCH a fabulous natural teacher! I almost wish he was home full-time to do the homeschooling because he's SO very good at it. But, he would get brain numb
and become angry over the dull sameness that occurs when we have little money to spend on gas and such... Also, I would be an emotional wreck if I had to leave every day! We are definitely more suited for the roles we play currently that when we first had Ria!!! ^_^

Daddy and Ria cookin'. I was trying to get a closer look at WHAT they were preparing, but couldn't really see it very well and, honestly, don't remember what it was, either!

Kat in Snow White Dress Up Dress
She doesn't realize I'm taking the picture in this one.

Oh, now she knows!

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