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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Midwife News
We had our midwife appointment this morning. Everything went well and it seems my uterus is doing some weird things! If you remember, last time (2 weeks ago) I measured 35 centimeters. Well, this morning I measured 33! How strange, right? So, we're not going in for an ultrasound since 33 centimeters would only be 3 weeks ahead of a normal reading and MY normal is 2 weeks ahead... so not far off.

The Unborn
The baby has been super active today. I think it's taken a break for the last couple days so it has lots of energy. Also, I missed my walk for the second day in a row today... so baby didn't get it's normal quota of braxton hicks confinement... so it may be feeling extra free and floaty! heehee

The heart rate for this baby has been quite low for the last two visits now. Wives tales suggest that lower heart rates are attributed to boys. But there are plenty of girls who come out after such readings! ^_^ So... it's still TOTALLY up in the air about THAT!

In Other News
Jess has decided to throw in the towel on the non-smoking thing. Ria is still praying that he will stop and become a non-smoker. I'm just determined that he should do what he has to do for himself. Kat is clueless. :)

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