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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week 24 Preggie Belly Pictures

Oops a water spill and neither the time nor energy the change my shirt. How annoying...
right before pictures! Ahwell... the pictures are about the belly,
not my clumsiness during pregnancy! Right?

At least you can't see the spot of wetness now! :) Jess said I look like Halloween. What do you think? I didn't much care... I was just excited to be able to wear these pants again!!! ^_^

Big Sisters Lovin'
This is actually quite a common occurrence. The funniest (and most painful) was recently, as in since the belly has become HUGE, that Kat decided to take the belly for a ride. She came up next to me as I was lying down, which I often do, and gently (at first) rocked it from side to side. Before she was done (I could stop her) she was rockin' HARD! MAN, it HURT! I'm sure the baby in the belly thought s/he was caught in a tempestuous storm of some sort or another! I actually felt a little sick to my stomach after that!!! Kat hasn't done it again since, but she LOVES to talk to the baby and hug the baby (all through the belly, of course!).

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