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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jess Says I Glow, What Do You Think?

Jess took this one. I was looking down at Kat.

Ria took this picture. Didn't she do a great job? Of course, we now have a record of the extra chin I still have... ah, well!
Oh, and I wasn't holding my breath, or anything, it's just the perspective.

Kat just had to be in the pictures with me. "What ARE you looking at, anyway, Mom?"
Can't you just hear her thinking that?? :)


Jess had us stand like this. I guess he saw us doing it a moment before the other picture with Kat in it and liked it so asked her to look up at Mama again.

Kathryn actually took this picture. Can you tell who her favorite person is??? I'll give you just one guess for this one. :) Yes, it's Ria... or YA, or YAYA, or EEE-A as she calls her depending upon her mood and the purpose of the call! ^_^

Oh, I have my first REALLY horrible Braxton Hicks while walking today. WOW, what pain!

Oh, and I was able to enjoy a lovely walk ALL BY MYSELF today. For the first time I went on a regular long walk with Jess home. 63 minutes, to be exact. Usually, I've been home before 50 minutes, but today I lost track of time and miscalculated return travel. Jess didn't mind, though. What a great hubbie! ALSO, on THAT subject... when I came home I found that he had swept everywhere I could see!!!! WOW, right!?!?!!! What a GIFT! I've actually been sweeping pretty regularly, but it was lookin' rough today and I was trying to determine when I could get to it tomorrow (Thursday). Now, I won't have to! ^_^ JOY!!!

Another Couple Notes about the Midwife Visit
I forgot to mention before that I gained 1 pound since my last midwife visit. That makes the first weight gain of the pregnancy... another strange bit. During each of my previous pregnancies I didn't gain ANY weight until the last month (at which point I gained exactly 13 pounds of water). This pregnancy is different, all around, I have to say!

My blood pressure was also elevated slightly, but we'd just been talking about emotional stuff, so it's nothing to worry about - we thinks. :) Seriously, though, it shouldn't be anything because it wasn't outrageous or anything AND we really were just having an emotional conversation.


Feli said...

hey tori,

You are looking good!! love your daughters :*) too cute.

I have been reading about your walks and been meaning to ask if you have a pedometer? I have been using one and I am quite shock to see how many steps I take in a day.

You can go here too www.walkertracker.com to track your walks and join in competitions. Its pretty interesting.

Tori, Jessie, Ria, and Kitty Kat said...

I actually do have one, but don't have a battery for it and no money to buy one (so lame!). That does sound really cool, though! :)

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