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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Midwife Visit

This particular visit was scheduled because we were worried that I might have to redo the gestational diabetes test (since I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich before the last one). I didn't have to do the test again because my blood came back within normal parameters. I will have to redo the anemia test because I was quite anemic last time. I'm treating it, so all should be well in two weeks when I have the blood test redone.

Interesting Tidbit from the Visit
The most interesting part of the visit is that I'm currently measuring 35 centimeters. If you don't recall from the last visit, a normal measurement would be the same number as the number of weeks preggie the woman is at the time. "TORI-NORMAL" would be 30 weeks (as of today) because I normally measure 2 weeks ahead. So, if in 6 weeks I measure 44 weeks, I will have an ultrasound to determine if we have twins in there or not AND make sure that, if we do, they are measuring "safe" to deliver at home. Basically this means that it would be really unsafe to home birth twins if I had twins like my Grama T did: one at 6 pounds and the other at TWO! So, I'm meditating on even growth for the belly (in case there are two babes in there). If the measurement is 40 or so in 4 weeks, we'll just chalk it up to a big baby, I guess. ^_^ We'll see!

First Request
I received my first request for belly pictures today. I took some a few weeks ago... but I didn't know if that would be weird since no one had actually asked to see any. I'm also going to take some today to show the comparison. I was asked if there would be pictures of the naked belly... if you actually want that, you'll have to make a special email request because I'm totally NOT going to share THAT kind of picture of me indiscriminately!! So, if you are refused, please don't be offended. My sense of modesty is very keen in the last few years. Also, I believe preggie bellies are absolutely beautiful and I rather enjoy nakie pictures of other women's preggie bellies, but I feel, really, that it's almost sacred... this time of a woman's life and not every person needs to see it! Just my opinion, of course. :)

My belly has certainly EXPANDED in the last 3 weeks! (It went from 28 to 35 centimeters in 3 weeks!!!!) People have commented on my belly more recently. Everyone agrees that I actually look quite pregnant now. hehehe :) So, it will be interesting to me to see if you can perceive an actual size difference between the pictures. Let me know! ^_^ I LOVE comments.

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