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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Never Ending Nightmares... BITE!

Have you ever had a nightmare that you knew was such, but you just couldn't wake up from it!?? I, personally, have had this experience far too many times. I've also had the frustration of realizing a wonderful dream was just that, and then not being able to stay asleep to see what happens in it! That's besides my point at this time, though I'm sure I could elaborate and philosophize endlessly about the reasons for such experiences. I won't at this time. ;)

So... if you recall, our van broke. We were able to pick it up yesterday thanks to Dad Gollihugh's fast lending of enough money to pay for the repair! WHAT a blessing!!! So, we put it in the shop last Wednesday and got it out yesterday (Tuesday). The craziest part was that the job was completed UNDER the guessed price (that the shop told us)!!! Amazing, huh? We were thrilled about that and felt it a HUGE blessing.

Yesterday we also returned the car we'd borrowed for just under (in hours) a whole week! I know I felt really relieved and pleased that things seemed to be moving along quite nicely (relatively speaking, of course). I'm pretty sure Jess did, too.

So, Jess was able to drive the van to work and home yesterday. I was actually in bed when he got home. I often try to stay awake so we can spend some time together, but this cold crud has really been kickin' my butt and I was hoping to get enough sleep to give my body what it needed to kick the crud out of my system. Well, I was just falling asleep when Jess came to bed. I tend to have to use the potty a LOT and when he gets in bed I almost always have to get up. When I came back to bed Jess talked to me, which is not done when I've been sleeping, so I knew it was not good. He told me he had to talk to me and tell me two things.

Can you guess what they are? Well, one I've alluded to in the title. Yep... you're right! The van was leaking water... AGAIN!!! (This is the same problem for which we put in into the shop in the first place!!) Can you believe it? Well, I was pretty bowled over by the information he shared with me and just felt like my head was going to explode. The good that came out of the situation is that Jess and I talked about some stuff that he wouldn't have been willing to REALLY hear prior to that time. So, there's a blessing even in all of that emotional tumult of last night!

Jess took the van in to the shop this morning. Thankfully it wasn't leaking like a sieve, this time, so he was able to drive it over himself, rather than have it towed like we had to do last time. The trouble with this reoccurrence is pretty obvious, but there is a part that isn't so obvious: Jess was going to do some yard work for one of my Visiting Teachers. The offered payment would provide us with a little grocery/gas money and with a good bit of time taken up with this annoyance, he will likely not be able to finish that work today since we have a midwife appointment at 3pm. However, the really WONDERFUL news is that he did take the van to the shop, they looked at it while he was there and... ... ... ... ... ...
The problem was just a loose valve clamp or something that should have been completely fixed by the initial work they did! So, no money out for the van today AND the problem was completely resolved while Jess was still there AND in less than 1 hour!!!! What a bunch of BLESSINGS, right!??!!!

So, it looks like our van is fine and we'll have it's use for our family indefinitely. This is really wonderful news to me in general, but especially today since we have a midwife appointment this afternoon. I REALLY want to make it for this appointment because I'm curious about the belly measurement and REALLY want to talk to Karen about the sleep needs of a preggie lady and the negative effects of undue stress on a preggie body FOR JESS to hear. I don't expect to get all the sleep that is recommended for a preggie woman. In general, that's probably pretty unrealistic, especially given that we have two other children already. But I want Jess to have the info so that he will know more surely what a sacrifice and gift it is that I've taken over waking up with the girls in the morning for him. (That's been one of his 'jobs' for a while now because it was some of the VERY limited time he could spend with the girls.) I've taken over the early wake up call because he's been having such a difficult time with the stress of our situation(s) and I wanted to try to ease all of it for him. That's just what partners do. No biggie, certainly nothing to brag about... but when the efforts made are completely unvalued or unrecognized, it becomes a burden. And the way that I would feel that my efforts are valued, in this situation, is that Jess would wake up and be less stressed out than if he had to wake up early with the girls. That wasn't happening, so I just want him to hear from a professional the value of the gift. Anyway....
I also think WE need a refresher bit of info (since I keep pushing myself too much - part of the reason I'm still sick with this crud) and we're not doing a labor preparedness class this time (other than reviewing the info we already have)... so, might as well ask our on-hand professional!

If you recall my post about Poop, you will likely be really amazed and happy to know that Kathryn is currently daytime potty trained!!!! Can you believe it!?!?!? Jess, Ria, and I just thrilled!!! Kitty Kat caught on to the whole "need to tell someone when I need to peepee" within the last week. I would say that after church on Sunday she was able to let her need be known without any accidents! Since then she's only had an accident in when I forgot to take her to the bathroom after she'd told me she needed to go. She is still in a diaper when we go out of the house, but even then she's told us when she needs to use the potty AND has produced. The funniest part of this process is that Kat can't really tell the difference between need to pass gas and need to pooh... so we go to the bathroom a lot for farts! heeheehee ^_^ She totally knows when she's done a good bit of producing and she is just SO pleased with herself. I think the most pleasure she feels, though, is when she get to go tell Ria that she's done something in the potty! Honestly, she's happy when she tells me or her Daddy, but she is just THRILLED to tell Ria!! I'm so happy that my girls love each other SO very much!!! ^_^

Is progressing nicely in her classes. Nothing extra special to report, really - except that she is being such a supportive and loving big sister and SO encouraging of Kat in Kitty Kat's efforts to potty train herself. ^_^

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