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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Keep Keepin' On

No new news, really, which is why I haven't written. Last week was REALLY bad for my walks. I only did one of the regular duration. The others were totally lame and only amounted to about 20-30 minutes each day (2 other days than the regular walk). I'm back on track this week, though. Yesterday and today I did around my 60 minute goal. It was SUPER painful yesterday and only a tiny bit less so today. My hips started to MAJORLY act up again last week. MAN, what I would give for a chiropractor like the Wynkoops in Va Beach!!! ahwell... I'm trying to REALLY stick with my walking, especially in light of the hip pain because I'm certain it got worse at the end of the week as I didn't walk (my long walking time) for more and more days in a row! Definitely don't want to deal with that sort of thing during labor!!!

A new newlywed couple moved into Flagler Beach recently and we crossed paths when I was out on my walk yesterday. They ended up stopping by later (as we were getting home), bearing a turtle to show the girls. If you don't know my kids in person, you won't get the tickle of knowing how WEIRD they are around living things they've never been in touching distance of before. Mary Kay would ask them if they liked the turtle and they both pretty much said yes, but then when she would put it near them they would BOTH shrink away from it like it was a scarry monster or something. It was pretty funny. Tim and Mary Kay came in for a visit (thank GOODNESS I'd just swept the house earlier! ^_^) and Mary Kay asked Ria to read for her husband. Mary Kay is our chorister and she's been duly impressed with Ria's reading ability. :) A sure pleasure for Mama to have someone else mentioning my child's ability, I must say. And, really, since the secret was let out when Ria gave her talk in Primary other women have told people about it MUCH more than I ever have... except for here in my Blog. This is actually the only form of sharing my children's accomplishments that I actually DO. I figure their abilities will show themselves sooner or later. And if people ask me things I do, of course, share what they can do and how we've come to that. ^_^

Anyway... it was a wonderful visit! We had FHE after they left. Both girls really love FHE. You might not know it with Kat since she's wandering hither thither and yon during much of it. But she definitely learns a lot even though she's not sitting right there and attentive the way Ria does/is. They are DEFINITELY two different children! ^_^

I've been SUPER engaged with the "work" I'm doing. It IS actually work that I get paid for, but the pay is pretty piddly. However, given our situation at this time, I feel it's really necessary even though it takes my attention off the girls a LOT more than I would prefer. I'm also not crocheting like I really need to as a result. But such is life, I suppose. I'm working for ChaCha. Have you heard of it?

Well, if you check it out and want to be a part, I would LOVE it if you would use my email as your reference. secretsshallebb@hotmail.com If you do, you'll be part of my "team" and I'll be able to get 10% of whatever you answer. That doesn't make much sense if you don't know what it is... ChaCha is this new SMS answering service. It's pretty neat, I think. The pay is pretty bad, but every little bit adds up and I'm sure there are people without kids and no job who make pretty good money (since they have a lot more time to devote). Basically people submit questions via call, text, or computer to ChaCha. ChaCha routes the questions to Guides (like me) and the Guides answer them by searching the web (and sticking within some pretty specific rules/boundaries for those answers) and submitting the answer/info within 160 characters to the person who requested the info. Pretty neat stuff. I think it was introduced widely at the Sundance Film Festival. Anyway. I've been doing it for about a week (a little less, actually) and I'm up to just over $50 and I haven't yet worked tonight. My answer time is getting better, which will inevitably mean I can earn more as I answer more questions per minute and so forth. Check it out and tell me what you think. :)

I have pictures to upload, but my program (for the camera we have) is throwing fits, so I don't know when I'll get them. Hopefully in the near future.

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