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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Wind and Rain

Apparently Fay is not only not a hurricane, but it is also not a tropical storm? Well, at least that's what the news seems to say. I suppose it's true, but with the wind and rain we're seeing and feeling WE wouldn't agree.

Fay is out to sea, but we're still in the bands of the Fay experience. Brevard county has seen a total of 30 inches of rain (they are WAY south of us), but the news suggests Flagler County (where we are!) will see something similar! YIKES!!! Okay, so on one hand, and as Jess says, at least we're in a good draining area... between the Ocean and the inter coastal waterway. On the other hand (as I worry)... we are IN BETWEEN the ocean and the inter coastal!!! :P AND we get to worry about whether the bridge will be closed. UGH! I'm sure it'll all be fine.

Tomorrow, Thursday, is supposed to be the worst day for us here. Fay will come back inland this afternoon/evening (according to the best predictions available) and traveling right over us through the night and we'll still be in the bands through the day tomorrow. So, we're in for some GOOD rain. Too bad it's not GA, right!? They would jump up and down for some of it right now. As for us... we've had rain almost daily this summer. So, a BUNCH more isn't terribly exciting at this point.

Jess is out at the Fire Station filling some sand bags right now. It's free sand and bags... you just have to bring your own shovel. So, that's nice. It IS raining, though... so I'm not too happy about him returning a drowned rat and wiped out. But at least we can cover our front door, back doors, and garage. We get inward leakage on the garage door and the front door is totally NOT sealed well... we wish for a storm door/screen door quite often! But sand bags will hopefully help with the worst of it. Wish us luck, please!!

Midwife Visit
Our appointment was actually for tomorrow, but because of the weather forecast, we called to ask to be seen today. Initially I was planning to have my cervix checked because of all the development pains, but that's SO not my preference. I decided to let it wait until the next appointment (in two weeks) and check on it then if the pains continue with any regularity.

Yesterday when the storm moved in I TOTALLY felt it in my belly (PAIN!), which I attribute to the barometric pressure or something. But my cervix hasn't actually caused me tremendous concern or pain for at least the last 2 days. So I haven't been as worried.

My blood looked too light today. :( That will mean some iron fortifying pills and another test. It actually hurt this time, so I'm not excited about that. ah well! And I'm spilling a little protein in my urine... but that could totally be because I just awakened and hadn't eaten much. My blood pressure was 130-something on top! :P But the bottom was a nice 60-something. Probably, since the top number is effected by situation, it's high because of my feelings of stress over the weather, money, and having my blood taken! ^_^ So, we're not concerned.

We were able to give over two checks for the remainder we had due to pay our midwife! What a GLORIOUS feeling!!! The $1000 I told you about isn't good for cashing for another few days because our bank put a hold on it for processing or something, but at least THEY have the check and money promised therein! :) Isn't that totally lame?? I mean, banking is so totally done electronically, you'd think they pipe over a question about whether the money exists and then 30-45 minutes later they know and the money is available (and that's at the most, I would think!). But NO. It takes FIVE days!?!?! Unbelievable! ah well. I suppose it has to do with the bureaucracy of institutions. What do you think?

Karen palpated my belly today to check on position. Baby seems to be nicely head down. YEAY! Hopefully s/he will stay that way! I'm still measuring 3 weeks ahead, but at this point I think it's TOTALLY likely that I'm *really* only 2 weeks ahead, but because Karen measures differently than either of my previous midwives, it seems to be 3. Who knows, though, really! :)

And now to make some chocolate chip cookies! ;)

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