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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Have You Met One?

My visiting teachers came to visit me today. I enjoy having them and definitely felt the desire to visit with them by myself this time. I often welcome my VTers to come when Jess is around because I'm happy for him to see my sisters in the Gospel love me. But I wanted the attention all for myself this time. I've been feeling a little needy... okay, a LOT needy lately. Do you think it's all the time online with no actual person with whom to share my words? You may have something there! Yes, by-jove, I think you hit the nail on the head! ;)

Well, it was a lovely visit - as usual. :) During the course of conversation Leslie made comments about Jessie and what a wonderful husband he is. She was specifically impressed with his attendance at church (in general), but specifically spoke about seeing him on Saturday morning to clean the building, which, as she said it, 99% of the MEMBERS won't or don't do ("including me, as yet").

Jess mentioned at least a month ago that he wanted us to get back (actually he wanted to go back and wanted me to stay home with the girls because he doesn't like that I'm having so much pain already) to clean the building. But now that we're getting assistance from the church for our groceries, we both feel that we HAVE to contribute to building maintenance. We were not asked to do it as part and parcel of the aid, but we would rather do something than do nothing. I guess we wouldn't be doing nothing anyway, technically, since I have a calling and Jess teaches the Food Storage Food Preparation classes... but still!

The main comment that Leslie made in all of her gushing, which I find so striking was, "He's just a dry Mormon is all!" Now, probably you've heard that term before, if you're familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But the funny thing about WHAT she said was: I'd had this very specific thought myself only within the last couple of weeks! Really, it was since the meeting with our Bishop.

I think I mentioned that Bishop told Jess there were many requests for him, Bishop, to call Jess to this calling or that calling, but that he, Bishop, couldn't give Jess a calling until Jess was a member. I think Jess was disappointed about that... but not enough to seriously consider being dunked! heeheehee ^_^

Anyway... I'd specifically thought to myself (and only in my own head, for sure!) that Jess really was a good DRY member... except for the smoking bit... and occasional brown tea drinking. Honestly, he's quite a bit "better" (if that's possible, really) than lots of member guys because he's completely supportive of my Membership. I mean, how many member guys would take over any part of their wife's calling for her at any given time? And how many member guys put up a stink about their wives attending the temple? I know I've heard of none and plenty, respectively! (If you are Evelyn, Heidi, Barb, or Caroline... yall have some EXCEPTIONAL GUYS!!! I know they totally would be on the positive side of both of those questions about member guys.)

Jess takes over my calling every time I miss church and he attends. Thus far I think we've ALL missed church a total of 2 times in the last 2 years... but I've missed at least 4 times since this pregnancy (and only one of them Jess missed as well). So, he's taken care of the folders for my calling at least 3 times without ANY reminders from me. And as of this last Sunday Jess took over my folder duties (as Primary secretary, responsible for putting folders out, picking them up, and knocking on the doors). I actually asked him to plan to take over the previous Sunday because my fatigue and hips have gotten so bad. When I'm too tired at any given time, my hips cause my excruciating pain. And, lately, I'm always too tired at church because my sleep schedule is NOT in line with what is "normal," for sure! Yall already know we attend the temple monthly and not only does Jess watch our girls, but he comes along with me so that we can spend the time there and back as a family! I also feel very desirous of being close to my family as a whole unit when I emerge from the temple. And I know Jess has felt something different about me when I come out of the temple. And I think it's a difference he likes and wants to enjoy. I could be reading too much in... but I think not. Anyway... WHAT guy does that EVERY month!?!?!?!

Anyway... Leslie is right. Just too funny that she mentioned it today... to mirror my silent thought! ^_^

HIS Blog
Jess is just SO tickled with himself and his blog! He has SUCH fun with the linking. If you pop over there and click on the very first one for Tuesday, you won't find much, but he's going to fix it soon. I strongly encourage you to check out his links. By so doing you will have a good look into the WEIRD and eclectic sense of humor that is JESSIE'S BLOG!

If any of you are seeking a link to get you to a place that will help you find recipes for random ingredients... Jess HAS it! The last link on his post (Tuesday) is WAY cool. He was REALLY impressed with the wide array of recipes the site provides after inputting some pretty basic ingredients (like pot roast style ingredients).

And, thus far, thanks to my lovely and loyal visitors... I've now earned a marvelous $0.02 cents!!!! Can you hear me falling to the floor in fits of giggles!?? Yep, I did! Okay, I actually did NOT, but I wanted to! ^_^ I don't know how to get lots of people to check it out. I mean, technically I know how, but I don't know how to get people to give me "linky love." Did you KNOW there WAS such a term?? Well, there is. And basically it's one of the only ways to get ranked on Google... and the higher your rank the more easily others will find you... thus increasing traffic. *sigh* So much to figure out... and absolutely NO time to do it. MAN, it's going to take a VERY long while to get up to the minimum of $50 for a payout with that gig!!! ;)

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