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Friday, August 15, 2008

Tori IS Entering the world of Paid Blogging!

New Work Without Working
Notice anything new and different? Well, you'll have to look to the bottom of this post. I'm pretty excited about it. It's a LEGIT way for you AND me to make a little dough, yo! heeheehee Basically, you write a review on what I've written in my post and get paid for it... and I get paid because you do it! Isn't that the coolest? This is from the same site I mentioned yesterday. Can you tell I'm a little bit obsessed with trying to get some flow goin' on? I am. I figure I should do whatever I can and I can write! At least that, right?

Blogging Right Here and Getting Paid
So, the payperpost (you can review this through them and get paid) is a writing job that will lead me to post about certain things right here in my own blog and then, upon approval, I'll get paid for the posts. It's really neat. The only requirement was a preexisting blog that wasn't just pictures. Well, I had THAT! And here we are. I'll be putting in some posts (at most 3 daily) for this gig. I'm intrigued to learn through experience how it will work out! And YOU'LL get to learn right along with me!

Blogging Elsewhere and Getting Paid
I started a new blog this morning. It's http://mommylife.today.com/ and I'll earn a little bit each day I post. It's pretty neat. I haven't learned all I need to about that particular opportunity, but eventually there are referral and other money-making opportunities within that arena as well. Neat, right!?

Writing Elsewhere and Getting Paid

I've also found another site that I'm going to write for! Can you believe it?!?! I'm waiting for information on my approval so that I can actually get started. I've already BEEN approved, I just need the code to get in, or something. It's a format and opportunity I can definitely see a few friends/family doing well with and will share further information! I'm so excited!!!

Are You Wondering Where All This Is Coming From Yet?
A few weeks ago I picked up a packet from the library at church. It's been VERY helpful and I'm so grateful for it! It's an "Employment Training" packet put together by my Ward. In it there's ALL kinds of interesting and informative stuff to read. The items I've found most practically useful for my work on Jessie's stuff AND my own WAH (work at home) efforts have been sample resumes and a list of online job search sites! The resumes were tremendously helpful to me in my work on revamping Jessie's resume. I condensed it down to almost only the front of one page rather than the sprawling 2 pages it was. It also became much more "scan-friendly," which, we all know, is SUPER important in today's job market. Right!?

The one bit of information that has been most useful for ME (in my efforts to find legit work I could do from home and potentially earn more than $0.10 for 1.5 minutes+ of work - ChaCha) is a website on the job search list. It's AWESOME!!! I'm going to share it and hope that you'll love it as much as I do. Ok... are you ready?? Here it is: http://www.ratracerebellion.com/ Even more interesting is that there's a seminar coming up in HAMPTON ROADS!! It's not free, but reasonably priced at $29.99 (with discounts available for Military and/or? groups of 10+). I'm hoping my Mom and sisters might go together with a few others (for the discount) because, even if they don't NEED to make some money at home, it would be REALLY great information for if they MIGHT need it at some point in the future. Ya know? If they go, they could share their info with me!! ^_^ heehee

So, long story short... I've found all these blogging/writing opportunities through the website above. Isn't that awesome? I feel like I've been lead to these opportunities. My hope for things to get better is higher and I feel much more empowered than I've felt in SOME time now. What a BLESSING!

I've mentioned before that I write about that with which I'm obsessed. Can you tell what it is right now!?! Silly question, I know. I want to appologize if this is totally uninteresting to anyone. I hope, though, that it is REALLY interesting and that you might feel even more hopeful and empowered by the opportunities you may find through ratracerebellion.com at least, if not the things I'm specifically into. LET ME KNOW!!! I ALWAYS love comments and have felt rather lonely lately! ;)

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Heidi said...

I'm glad to see you using your talent to make money! Did you get my email about this? Good luck with all of your new ventures!

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