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Friday, August 8, 2008

A New Farrell?

On the way... PERHAPS!
So, my brother, Ben, called this morning to share that he and Barb were in the hospital and she was in labor. She was 1 centimeter dilated. I called him back (since I was on the phone when he called and couldn't answer) after dickering about it to give them some things to think about. Hopefully they went home, but I'm afraid they probably stayed. I'm interested to hear what has transpired. Sooner than later, though, we'll have another addition to the Farrell clan (as apposed to the extended Farrells, consisting of the Pieper and Gollihugh children). ^_^ So exciting!

Trivia Gleaned During ChaCha Guiding
Just as a bit of trivia... 8-8-08 (today, of course) is the opening of the Olympic games in China, as I understand it. The officials chose this date because 8, to the Chinese, is an auspicious number. However, according to numerologists, the date (numbers) aren't as totally positive as they seem on the surface! (Weird stuff to learn about, right?) Anyway... according to numerology, today's date has more 7 energy than immediately apparent and it's not all positive, either. The day is supposed to have huge CHANGE and other implications... anyway, just a rather useless factoid learned as I'm Guiding. :)

ChaCha News
By the way, that's going pretty well. I think. I mean, I'm up to $77, which is great because my goal is at least $100 by the 14th (so that I'll get paid on the 15th... or 5-7 days later). Unfortunately, at this point, the pay will cover gas and Ria's dance class rather than extra payment of bills. But... at least I have a way to start her back in dance class again! I'm sooo relieved about that! I was REALLY worried that I wouldn't be able to afford her return and would have to tell her she couldn't do ballet class. She's missed it TERRIBLY this summer. I think, if possible, that next summer we'll do whatever summer classes we can afford... especially if we can't do swim class (like this year). Unfortunately, Kat will have to wait a whole year to start dance. I'm sure it's going to be really difficult and interesting to keep her away from the lessons. *sigh* I just hope the new baby will be less of a handful during dance class time. Yeah, right... I KNOW!

There's a contest this weekend for ChaCha Guides (they run lots of them as incentives and so forth). I'm going to try to do something toward it... probably won't get anywhere near a part of the top Guide list, since I won't be working on Sunday, but it can't hurt to try, right. At the very least, I may be a lucky guide to be randomly selected during one of the hours they check the work Guides have done and I could win $100!!!!! Oh... pray that I win (if you would)! That money would be all for groceries and we wouldn't have to accept as much (or any!!?) help from the church on the next order. We did get an emergency order... we did actually need it. I'm grateful for the help, but hate that we need it, just the same!

So, Jess has been applying to places in Orlando for work. Since I did the research and "proved him wrong" in the housing argument he would always make against moving to Orlando, he's been a bit more willing to consider that route. I've had a feeling, basically since we moved here, that he should check out Disney. I'm hopeful that this is an inspiration-type feeling because it would just be AWESOME if he could work there! I mean, my girls... I wish I could adequately explain to you how much they would BOTH love to go to Disney. There's a specific preview that comes on before many of their Disney movies. In it this little girl is getting ready for and going to Disney. You see her meet certain characters and do little things. Ria and Kat sit mesmerized through this ad EVERY time. Kat even says certain parts (which is huge since she really doesn't talk all that much) and she holds her fingers up like the little girl does (to count something). And they both get these glowy sweet smiles on their face when the little girl finally meets Mickey Mouse and says, "I've been waiting my whole life to meet you!" Anyway... just a Mama dreamin'. "But if you keep on believin, the dream that you wish COULD come true!" Can you guess where that quote originated?? Cinderella, of course. :) They LOVE that movie. It's one that Kat will sit through almost every time, which is saying a LOT. We were given the original and they've seen the 2 sequels, but we don't own those. I'm hoping we will at some point because they have pretty good lessons in them... sweet... ^_^

Oh, also, Jess went out and put in an application locally for a morning job. I'm hopeful and also relieved. I've been super stressed about money. Have no idea, at this point, how we're paying for our midwife. :( At least we'll be able to make a $60 payment this week. So piddly. We'll still owe $1000!!!!! YIKES! Well, I just have to keep believing it'll all work out somehow. Hopefully not in the 9th hour! Our CLUB check covered our monthly bills (except cell phone, which isn't due until Sept.) and bought a tank of gas, at least. The next one will cover rent and hopefully buy some more gas. This time we have $40 for food/gas for 2 weeks. :( Thus, the assistance from the Church. We have a high gas need right now because Jess is going to Orlando at least one day next week for job hunting. You have to apply in person at Disney... weird, huh? But I'm cool with it. Hopeful that he'll speak to someone who will be impressed. ^_^

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Feli said...

I think the date has nothing to do with numerology. 8 is auspicious with the Chinese because the way they say 8 is the same as how they say fortune in Chinese. So the date 08.08.08 is like having your fortunes 3 times over. and it being so rare they took the opportunity to have it on that date.

Imagine it being the 2088 olympics? 080888 LOL

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