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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today we had a meeting with our Bishop. It went well. I was really intrigued when he made some comment about talking to Jess on his own and hightailed it out of there as quickly as I could without being rude. When we were walking to the van after the appointment I asked Jess about the private interview. He said something like, "Oh, it was another one of those CLOSER talks." I laughed SO hard! You see, since Jess isn't a member of my church, but attends more regularly than many of the member men people wonder all the time whether he's interested in the Gospel (like being baptized, specifically). I try to explain that he attends church to support me and to make sure we have that time together as a family (for the most part). I've never really had the opportunity to actually speak to Bishop about that so I suppose he was just wondering and wanted to hear from Jess where the man himself was.

In the past there have been a couple of missionaries who really pushed boldly in conversation with Jess about joining the church. Jess has always stood his ground, of course, and as he should. But when those missionaries leave he usually makes comments about them trying to "close the deal" or something. It's always been pretty funny to me that he puts it that way, but it was just too much to take when he said that about Bishop. I laughed for at least 2 minutes, which is really good for me lately! Anyway... upon further questioning I learned that Bishop had asked Jess where he was in his conversion. Jessie's response, "I didn't know I was in a process of conversion." I laughed pretty hard again and can't help but smile in thinking about it all!!! ^_^

Feeling The Spirit
Today Jess actually got a little choked up in listening to a musical number by Sister Mary Kay Stefflick and her sisters'-in-law. Mary Kay plays the piano beautifully and her sisters play the violin. It was lovely! When I asked Jess about it (after the conversation about the Bishop's talk with him) he confirmed that he had been choked up. I asked him if he knew what that was. He said, "I know what you guys call it." I responded something like, "Well, if it's something else, tell me what it's called." He couldn't and so I said, "Well, if it IS what we call it then why is it 'you guys'?" He didn't say anything and I didn't push any more. Interesting.

My time is getting better, by and by, which means I'm earning around $.15 a minute sometimes. Isn't that hilarious!? How far I've come from making $32K for my first year teaching! ahhh... BUT at least I'm home with my girls and not losing my mind like I was when I WAS teaching!!! Let's look on the bright side, right!? :)

I've earned almost $100 thus far, which means I will get paid sometime after the 15th of this month. This will be money for gas and to start Ria in Dance class! I'm so grateful and relieved about that! I was really worried that we wouldn't be able to get her back in dance and she'd be just crushed. She talks about dancing on stage SO often! Kat will probably have to wait another year because there's no Mommy and Me class scheduled. Bummer. Hopefully she won't notice too much... or maybe they'll let her take the other class for Pre-Ballet? Who knows. She won't even be 2 by the beginning of the "school year," so probably not. Ahwell Hopefully, if I need to and am able to keep it up, this money will eventually go to bills. But it would be even MORE awesome if Jess had work that would enable ALL of that. So, that's what I'm praying for!

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