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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jobs OH, JOBS!

Looking ALL Over
Jess went to Orlando yesterday in search of work. I'm very glad about it. It's amazing how much work I end up doing for these job hunting epeditions. I keenly and clearly remember the time investment I put in when we were still up North and he came down here to check out the market for Chefs.

Jess was gone from around 8 in the morning until around 7:30pm yesterday. Of course, more than 4 hours was driving because of getting from here to there and then from each place to the next, but the rest was spent in interviews and such! He had a request for a second interview with Disney, but it wasn't management. He DID, however, learn how to go about applying for a Sous or Executive Chef position! YEAY!!

Naturally, if you know anything about our lives lately, you KNOW I've had the girls on my own for longer than the time he was gone yesterday, but RARELY after being up until 3:30 in the morning the night before! THAT was rough! why was I up so late? Well, there were a few things that needed to be updated in Jessie's "I LOVE ME BOOK," which I feel is very important for him to have to show prospective employers. There have been many impressed with it and it adds a bit of an edge. In addition to that, I spent a lot of time updating the look of his resume, altering his cover letter a little, updating references, and putting those items together in little packages so he could easily hand them to an interviewer or someone of importance. On top of all that (and, mind you, these things were done ALL day the day before yesterday), I also spent a good deal of time creating directions in Google maps for Jessie to use in traveling to the various locations we'd determined he would go to apply. Can you tell I was busy? Well, I WAS! So, I didn't get much of any ChaCha done that day... Tuesday. Yesterday I was just too darn tired. And then today I find I'm at $.10 a search. I'm pretty bummed about it, but determined to keep going with it for at least SOME additional cash flow. I need to have a way for pay for Ria's dance class and our current income from Jessie's work just won't.

So, today I've done some ChaCha, but I also have looked for writing work. It's SO time consuming! I haven't found anything in the freelance realm of my interests/abilities, BUT I did find something else that's pretty interesting. I'm hopeful about it since I love to write in my blog anyway. It's PayPerPost and it's a way to sort of make a little bit of money by blogging where I already do anyway! I've started the process and looked at a few jobs and it looks like it'll be a more enjoyable work and potentially pay more that ChaCha. Plus, I'll be WRITING! ^_^

Look for some weird and interesting posts for the PayPerPost gig. Hopefully they'll be some things that you're actually amused by or interested in, too! :)

I'm also considering trying for a job with Sylvan... but, without knowing the details, it seems like I'd have to commit to certain hours and such, which is just not terribly workable at this point. We'll see. I know I'm eligle since my teaching certificate was not revoked! :)


So, in case you didn't catch it in the info above, I didn't make the top guides for ChaCha and now I'm making $.10 per answer. :( WHAT a bummer! Still, I've earned around $120 with what I have done up to this point. Not too shabby, all things considered.

The Girls
Both have been sick in the last 2 weeks! :( How annoying! Kat was the worst, but seems to be much better. I'm so glad. I would MUCH rather be ill than have my children ill!

Ria is still reading amazingly well and Kat is using the potty even more consistently. She even lets us know when she needs to pee when wearing a diaper most of the time. Pretty awesome, right!?

Is well. He was planning to be the food preparer for our Ward picnic on Saturday, but now has to work. Pretty disappointing. He was really excited about it. Ahwell... what can you do??

I'm all right. Worn out, is all. The belly is getting huge and I'm just not sleeping well. This is upsetting because I was around 34-36 weeks when this hit with the girls. Too EARLY now! I'm only 32 weeks! I have a feeling this baby will come earlier than we've been expecting.

I've walked pretty regularly except for one week (was it last week!?!?). I feel SO much better when I walk regularly. Actually, it's about that time now. Must run! :)

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