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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pictures From July

Kat silly smilin'! She does this SO often when we take pictures...
closeing her eyes this way and scrunching up her face.
Funny girl!

It's so rare to be able to get a look at those eyes of hers.
Can you see why people always comment on her beautiful eyes?
The picture doesn't even do them justice, really!

The Following are Pictures of Kat Sleeping
I fell asleep on the couch (which is right behind Kat).
Kat was actually playing quietly next to me.
I awakened and couldn't find her right away,
but had to laugh when I did!
Her head, upper body, and arms are on the baby car seat given to us
and her legs are under her on the floor.
Sorry it's sort of difficult to see.

Kat was actually in her room in trouble for hitting
(which I've realized she does a LOT more of when she's tired!)
and fell asleep this way! :)
She actually goes to Ria's bed for comfort regularly.

Kat snuck into Ria's bed after I left their room at nite-nite time.
Aren't they so sweet?

Some Silly Random Pictures
Daddy and Ria

And this is what the girls do with Daddy!

You know, of course, he did have to help them get this way. ^_^

Introducing my friend Philline!
She lives in Atlanta full-time.
We often get to see her and her daughter
on a monthly basis because they have a house
here in town! We got to see them TWO times in July!!!!

And her daughter Genevieve!
The three girls together...
they actually play really well together most of the time!

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