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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I managed to forget...

We (Ria and I) had a really amazing experience that I forgot to share in the entry yesterday.

On Sunday, after church, I was sitting in the kitchen and Ria came over and talked to the belly briefly. Then, out of nowhere she said, "Baby, can you hear me!?" Almost immediately the baby kicked DIRECTLY toward the direction of Ria's voice! I was so amazed that I asked her to do it again. The SAME thing happened. That was just too amazing. She had her hand on my belly for the second one and she thought it was awesome, so she did it again... and, can you guess? YES! The baby kicked right up at her voice!

So, Ria and I are just certain that this baby is ONE SMART COOKIE! Another smarty to add to the Gollihugh Clan's Smart Troupe! ^_^ Pretty amazing, right?

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