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Sunday, August 17, 2008

American Idol

I'm not much of a TV watcher, since we don't actually receive television stations to our boob tube. But Jess works with a guy whose made a pretty big cut! Chris made the top 100 and had to sign his life away... not really. He did have to sign a confidentiality contract, though.

Jess is SO excited for him! In a way, it seems a bit of living vicariously for Jess. Chris is a server at The Club, which is how Jess knows him, and a great musician as well as a singer. He'd already recorded his own music and shared it with Jessie. As a result, Jess became an immediate fan (and has been for many months now).

In a strange sort of way, we're sort of invested in the guy... Jess (and I, to a lesser extent) helped to save some foreskin related to Chris! ^_^ Chris and his wife had a little boy a few months ago and were planning to circumcise while Mary was still preggie. Jess started talking to Chris about the issue and why they should reconsider - ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that they were planning to do it for religious reasons without considering that Jesus Christ's sacrifice negated the necessity of circumcision. Anyway... After lots of back and forth on the subject they ended up NOT circumcising their son! YEAY!!! Can you tell Jess and I are intactavists? I actually consider us intacta-lactavists! ^_^ That means just that we try to inform people about the reasons for and benefits of leaving boys whole (intactavist) as well as why breast milk is best (lactavist).

The funniest result of the choice to leave their son intact was that Chris and Mary brought their little boy to The Club pretty soon after he was born. Jess was there so he got to meet the little guy and even hold him. While holding him, the baby smiled, which, as I understand it, was a rare experience and Chris hadn't been able to get his son smiling. I think it was Jess who said something about how the baby knew he'd had a part to play in helping him keep his whole penis and that's why he was smiling. The couple took a picture of Jess holding their son and told Jessie that they wanted to have it so they could show their boy who to blame if, at some point in his life, he was displeased with that foreskin Jess worked so hard to save! hehehe Pretty funny, right!?

So, when Chris makes it to the group that will compete, you'll have to root for him with us! :) We're really happy for him and hopeful that it helps him with his music since that's what he years to do most. The positive well wishing you could offer would only benefit him in his efforts, I'm sure!

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