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Monday, August 25, 2008

Back Pain and a Depressing Time

Thankfully, the only residual effects of the craziness of Sunday (yesterday) is a horrible back pain all day today. I woke up and was relieved to feel that I had NO pain, but after standing and walking enough to get something to eat... the back was REALLY hurting a lot. It continued through most of the day and during my walk. And it's not just some minor lower back stuff... it's throbbing pain along most of my spine. Added to that is the muscle pain along my obliques from the barf fest yesterday. I'm sure the throwing up has effected the back pain in more ways than I can recognize. Plus, there's the whole BREECH BABY that could add strange pressure to the spine (since s/he has only been in this position for 5 days or fewer). Somehow, after sitting for dinner and taking a shower, the pain is less.

It could be, though, that it has MUCH more to do with the Ensign article I read after FHE tonight. It was about a Grama who wanted to take the pain of a burn from the hand of a Grandchild. She learned, through The Holy Ghost, that even THAT kind of pain has been felt for US in the Atonement! I thought... well, why not back pain, then, too!? And it was soon after that that the extremity of the pain diminished. In this case, I rather think that a reminder sort of pain is necessary because otherwise I would just do TOO much and push too hard and make things much worse. Ya know?

I went on a walk tonight. The pace was ridiculously slow because of the constant ROCK HARD tummy I experience on most walks now-a-days (Braxton Hicks, of course). On top of that I forgot to pee right before I left, so I had to stop at the playground potty (only 9 minutes into my walk). On top of THAT I knew I really shouldn't walk for long because of all that I'd experienced yesterday and through the day today... so I walked a whole "HUGE" total of 25 minutes! :( I feel so lame and frustrated. But at least I don't have tummy pains tonight! ah well.

Jess has tomorrow and Wednesday off from The Club. Hopefully we'll be able to manage getting him to Orlando on Wed, but it may have to wait until next week. We'll see.

I can't believe my "little" sister is going to leave the U.S. in less than 3 weeks! I won't get to meet her new baby in person until the little cutie is already 1 or almost there (IF we can get to where they are next summer!). Such is life, I suppose.

ChaCha is going well... relatively. I haven't been able to do as MUCH as I would like, but what I'm doing is at a higher pay, so the $$ are adding up much more quickly. As a matter-of-fact, I'm going over to do that right after I finish up here. :)

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Heidi said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! I think it is incredible that you even went walking!

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