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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What do YOU do When a Hurrican Approaches?

My habits prior to hurricanes, at least, are very firmly entrenched. I'm not really sure how I "decided" upon the things I do. I can, however, recall doing these same sorts of things even as a teenager in my parents' home... so it's been a while.

As for me, I get agitated, snippy, and head-achy. I try to prepare things not yet in place (as much as possible) for quick departure. I try to rest when necessary (especially when preggie and the last time I faced a hurricane as an adult I WAS preggie!!!). I CLEAN and then I bake and/or prepare treats! No, I'm serious. I do these things mostly in that order... the snippyness sort of lasts through all of it... though I THINK it might be a tad better now than 5 years ago when last I faced similar circumstances! (I HOPE!)

When I was preggie with Ria (see above 5 years ago reference) I set out to bakin' and sweet stuff makin' and had the sink piled HIGH with all kinds of dirty dishes because I was in SUCH a flurry of preparation with only enough time to wash what I might need for the next thing I was makin. I ended up, after much hustle and bustle in the kitchen, and snapping at Jess to stay out of the way... with two different types of cookies, a bread, and rice crispy treats. Jess was just totally blown away, smirking, and making comments about how weird I was and how he didn't "GET" me at all. But when we were sitting in our horribly hot trailer, stressed out because we didn't have water OR electricity he was REALLY glad to have those sweets to sort of soothe our ragged nerves!!!!

Thus far, and without making the connection until only a few moments ago (as I wrapped up the cookies and bread, actually), I've prepared a double batch of No-Bake Cookies as well as a double batch of pumpkin bread (less ground cloves because we're out). I'm hankerin' to make some chocolate chip cookies (and I just happened to find some chocolate chips in my food storage closet yesterday!). So, that will happen as early as I can manage tomorrow, assuming electricity is still present.

Prior to the whirlwind kitchen activity of this evening, I spent about thirty minutes in the garage trying to tackle the tremendous amount of work I have to do in there. I could've/ should've/ would've swept the house (which is much more necessary, really), but I can pretty easily do that even through a hurricane. The garage, however, might not be terribly good for me to hang out in during high winds. Ya know!? I became just completely wiped out tired after that little bit of lame work in the garage. The belly was achin' hard core and I ended up taking a nap for an hour.

Only after some ChaCha work, which I felt tremendous anxiety to do because of the fear that electricity will abandon us (and I just figured out last night how many queries I have to answer daily to get up to $100 for my September payout), that I felt the urgent need to create culinary "masterpieces" in the kitchen (while the girls ate dinner). ;) Hopefully the electricity and water will not absent us this time, but at least, if they do, we'll have sweets to soothe the savage beast of stress!!! ^_^

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Heidi said...

Food is my number one priority! I definitely bake and cook so we will have things to eat. So, did Fay go over you?

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