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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Eye of the Storm

Isn't it crazy how the eye is SO very calm with all the turbulence of frightful noises of the parts around it?!? We've had quite a long time in the eye today. It's been nice because the girls were starting to get stir crazy. We spent a bit of time outside, before the rain/spray started to fall harder. Ria ran around the house 6 times, while Kat and I walked around about 4 times during the time we were outside. Then the girls ran the length of the driveway. We finished up with some more yard running (between a light post and a tree). Those two little ladies have been MUCH nicer to be around since that time in the sun and running!

This also happens to be the best/safest time to use the internet for update and ChaCha purposes. So, here I am! :)

We are well. The rain has been pretty heavy and we've lost some roofing, but not more than a few of the tile thingys. So, no worries as yet. We still have the last half of the storm to get through. Supposedly it's bigger, which means more rain... the biggest concerns we've heard are flooding and tornadic activity. We're definitely staying aware and trying to keep our ears open. I'm sure all will be well. We are prepared.

I'll try to update again tomorrow.

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