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Monday, March 23, 2009

Stake Conference - General Session

I couldn't write this yesterday. It was still working into my... hmmm... psyche? Trying to more fully understand my feelings about the wonderful experiences.

The most amazing and unique opening prayer was offered. I've never been in a meeting where one of this sort was offered. Honestly, I couldn't hear a lot of it, but I heard enough. I heard what I needed to hear. It was offered by our Stake's Patriarch. He began with something about praying for us as if he was laying his hands upon each of us to bestow a blessing. I was taken aback by that, but tried to listen even harder, perhaps, than normal.

Much of what was said isn't terribly unique. One of the things is oft repeated in the Book of Mormon. That is: if ye keep Father's Commandments, ye shall prosper in the land. Patriarch didn't say those words, but the message was similar... more along the line of being protected rather than prospered, I think.

The one thing that rang loudly in my mind - I heard most clearly above all else - was that I would (each of us) be a blessing to others at the meeting. I felt sad about this because I'd tried to find a young woman I met only briefly at the Sports' Invitational Activity. She was one of only a few people I met and because of a few things, I felt like Heavenly Father had wanted me there specifically for her. I told her before I left that I was going to look for her at Stake Conference.

I did. I wasn't as early as I meant to be, but I did look for her. I didn't find her. So, during the opening prayer I felt sad. How could I do what I felt I was supposed to do (befriend her further), if I couldn't even find her.

And what do you know... I had to leave to nurse Tea. (Of course, no meeting would be complete without some booby juice for baby!) ^_^

I forgot where the Mother's Lounge was, so I wandered the whole building before I found it. Finally I sat and had her latched on, eating, and almost done. And in walks... have you guessed? YES! Her!! And I felt a wash of peace. I also felt this slight sadness over missing the talks, but then I couldn't because THOSE words from the blessing/opening prayer rang through my mind!

We exchanged numbers this time and she's planning to come to visit this week. I helped her meet a lady in her Ward boundaries (she's been attending her Mother's Ward) and that lady introduced her to someone she knows already.... Miracles all, really. Especially with the time available (little).

Sharing all this WHY??? Because I feel SO blessed. I feel such a strengthening of this burning testimony I have that Heavenly Father knows us each as individuals and is mindful of us. He has used others as instruments in His Masterful hands to work miracles in my life. I would never have guess that being a minor instrument, as I hope I was today, could feel like an even bigger blessing than the things I feel I've received from others I KNEW as instruments in bringing miracles to life in my little world.

One bit of a talk I heard while I was spending time with this sweet Sister in the Mother's Lounge (you always hear what you need - even when taking care of a little one and/or talking with someone who needs you) was about Service. Basically it went something like: We shouldn't serve for ____ reason, or for ____, or to receive blessings, or for ______... we should Serve because of Charity. We should serve because we Love the Lord and we Love our Brothers and Sisters. There have been times I've served for the wrong reasons. I'm sure I will continue to serve for the wrong reasons too much of the time (like my temple trips... they are, at this point a selfish trip for me - even though they benefit others, too). I hope I'm changing. Does Father still work through our weaknesses - FOR SURE, but I still want to be a more righteous servant - always trying to be more.

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