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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anniversary and a Good Chance


I'm a day late in the blog world, but I did call yesterday! I hope you heard the message ON the day.

You've been married for 34 years. How does that feel? Good, I hope. Hope the day was good and there was some time to just be and think about the years stacked together. I can only imagine.

And now

since this is MY blog

I'm going to make it about ME! It's my party, after-all.

There's a very good chance that, at the time I'm writing this, 34 years ago, I existed as a glob of cells in my Mama's uterus. Yes, people, conception on wedding night, by George! Dad said it couldn't happen. Doc said it was like missing the broad side of the barn (couldn't miss if they tried!). And I say... "MAN, I sure was ready, eh? I'm glad they were willing!" ^_^

And that

is how


came to be.

1 comment:

vicki said...

Thank you. We got your mssg yesterday and appreciate this.
Ain't it wonderful...the miracle of life, how a glob of cells can become such a wonder.
with Love, mom

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