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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

dorks, dorLs, and... Man I Miss My Sibs!!!

I've been feeling homesick for my extended family... the nuclear family of my youth. It's been well over a year since I was amongst them, so why the sudden missing-them-feelings now?

The blame is firmly and easily placed on my hometeacher's shoulders. J is a funny guy. That's not his name... J, but I try to refer to others via the first letter of their name in case they'd (except for my hubby and kiddos) rather I didn't talk about them. This is a new thing I've been trying out, in case you're wondering. Unfortunately, I know LOTS of people with the first letter J!

You see, my hometeacher (and friend) has recently become a Facebooker and has instigated a few chats in FB. Since the day I met him I've felt right at home... he reminds me of my brothers even though he doesn't really look like them. We definitely banter like siblings. This one particular night he kept writing typos and appologizing. I didn't even notice, except that he kep appologizing. So, I decided to give him a hard time about it - just because. As a result, he is now a dorL. Yes, he was trying to call me a dorK, but misspelled it. So, he is now a dorL. Okay, he's actually THE ONLY dorL ever...

While this isn't terribly funny to the average person, it's absolutely hilarious to me! No, I mean, giddily laughing until I can barely breath hilarious! Seriously! Why? Perhaps it's because my brothers and I used to always go back and forth in a VERY similar way... I don't know. But on Sunday, in face-to-face-real-life, I called J a dorL. He turned RED! Now, if there was ever anything that would cinch the deal (question in my mind about whether I would tease him IRL is the "deal"), it is that. He's definitely a dorL from now on!

I was telling Jess about that whole thing on the way home and was almost hysterically laughing. And then it came (and I should've known)... I started crying because the feelings of MISSING MY SIBS just welled up SO much I couldn't hold it in!!! I do still hold on to a small hope that I might get up to VA this summer, but it is shrinking... ever shrinking... as a result of the economy (read: fears about not having enough money because of lost job or something) and the possibility that Jess might be so new at a new job that he won't be able to get time off. I guess I could go by myself (IF we get another vehicle beforehand), but I REALLY want to spend time with my family WITH Jess.

But MAN, I miss my fam!!!

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