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Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a Cruel Cruel Joke

Seriously. It has to be!

12:35am I turn off the light to go to sleep. Tea has been sleeping soundly for the last 1.5 hours + some, maybe. (I've been finishing some cakes I started making before we left for Ward Council.) I'm feeling really wiped out after the meeting and really pretty excited about getting to sleep AN HOUR earlier than my earliest "usual" (since before Tea was born)! My brain is even racing through some possibilities for the morning... like going out for a good hard walk. I haven't been out in the morning (except for Story Time) in ages simply because I'm so flippin' tired!

I rest back on my pillow and Tea stirs. I hold my breath. "No, it can't be!" I think. "She's been sleeping SO hard. She has to stay asleep!"

She starts wiggling to scoot over near to Jess, like she's looking for him, which she does regularly. (He fell asleep in the girls room and hasn't moved to ours even though I woke him up a few minutes before.)

Tea starts talking. It's her loud, "I wanna DO something!" sort of call. :( And after a few more, I resign myself to NOT getting to sleep early, to NOT having the energy to walk in the morning... and to NOT moving any closer to having a "normal" sleep schedule.


Maybe tomorrow I'll be tired enough at midnight to try again. I just hope Tea's tired enough to actually sleep AND stay asleep!

We'll see. Be thinkin of me! (please)

1 comment:

vicki said...

I hope you sleep well before everyone was up and ready for Fri. I wish I could be there. with love

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