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Monday, March 30, 2009

SE Regional Day of Service

April 25th, 2009. I've seen it on the Stake calendar for a while, but we just heard the word today.

There is the huge possibility that this sort of thing occurs regularly. However, I've not been a participant before. I'm REALLY excited about it, though, because I know how powerful good works on a grand scale can be. There are some studies that show that group meditation in a city for just a few hours can actually reduce the crime rate in that city. Can you imagine what good/improvements can occur when a whole REGION is working together to perform good works?!!! And please remember that when someone is served, someone sees service, someone hears about service performed, AND/or someone DOES service, the same chemical is released that creates good feelings. It's the bonding chemical of breastfeeding: oxytocin! Isn't that awesome? So there's gunna be LOTS of chemicals flowin' in brains on April 25th!! ^_^

Wish me luck in stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and asking AT LEAST ten families (in my neighborhood?) to participate with me. I definitely need it. :)

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