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Monday, March 16, 2009

Living Under a Rock

I must be. I don't feel like I am. But then I watch a little musical number by two awesome and comedic musicians (you can find two of their YouTubes if you scroll down just a bit), and I think I must... live under a rock, I mean. I did not know what the ShamWow was. Do YOU?

Additionally, I didn't know a thing about the whole HBO polygamist show until I heard people discussing it at Ria's dance class, I think. And I only learned about the temple episode of that show from Blogs. One was a sort of explanation of the episode (for any who hadn't seen it) and the other was an AWESOME explanation of temples, at least, of how temples are for most believers.

Let me direct your attention to the amazing and wonderful blog, in general. It contains the blog post I referred to as being an awesome explanation (above). It's a part of a blog site I find uplifting and inspiring on a VERY regular basis. It's probably, after family blogs, my favorite place to read (out of all the blogs I enjoy). Please read Ruth Mitchell's post.

It's lovely, don't you think?!!


Josefine said...

Hi Tori!
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about!
I've never heard of the ShamWow, let alone the HBO polygamist... And then... the temple episode?
My excuse is that we live in Belgium, where there are other things going on (things I also don't know anything about..).
And the fact that I've been so insanely busy with my internship. I did a week of teaching last week and it really was the most stressful week of my life. It made dealing with the Singaporean immigration police seem like a party. (that's not entirely true, dealing with them is still the most horrifying experience in my life).
Anyways... it was bad. The teaching went ok, but I didn't get enough sleep and was just really stressed throughout the week.
Worst of all, I still haven't sent out your mail! I will send it out!! One day...
I wish we could meet up and hang out and chat and both be heard (although I know that sometimes I'm better at talking than at listening..). I'm also feeling a bit depressed because of all the internship and school stuff...
I really hope that one day we'll be able to visit you (or the other way around). And that it won't be too awkward and weird when that finally happens...
Take care dear Tori!
Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



vicki said...

no. YOu aren't under a rock. So, you may not be aware of some stuff...
you are doing the important stuff, and well informed on them.

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