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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I haven't actually made any pie in a while, but I was on a total kick for a while right around the holidays. So, I think the title is sort of appropriate - including the recent past, at least. :)

Most recently, as in Wednesday, I've been sort of obsessed with trying to make rice pudding and bread pudding. Rice because we had a big pot in the fridge and I didn't want to toss it. Bread pudding... well, I'm not really sure why I just HAD to make that one. But I REALLY wanted to.

So, I've made the rice pudding. It's REALLY good. And I'm not a huge rice pudding fan. It's a recipe that uses eggs and whipped cream folded in at the end. (A Joy of Cooking recipe, aka Jessie's bible.) It was REALLY great! I don't adore tapioca, but I haven't thought it better than rice pudding. THIS rice pudding, though, totally has tapioca beat!

I've started the bread pudding, but Jessie was adamant that I had to allow the bread to become so stale that it would completely crumble into tiny crumbs when I tried to break it. It's still too moist, so I can't make it yet. When I DO get to wet the crumbs he "demands" that I allow them to soak at least 12 hours with weight on them so that all the bread bits are submerged. So, even though I'm writing this post at 11:25pm on Wednesday night, I won't get to taste this stuff until sometime on Friday - probably late.

Thankfully the bread pudding won't have to wait until Saturday, the 7th. THAT's a busy day! We're leaving for the temple at 5am (as per our usual monthly trip), but on the way home we're stopping at the Sports' Invitational activity at our Stake Center. Our Stake Meeting House is half-way to the temple. Since neither Jess nor I are playing (but I felt I should go since I'm Activities Chairperson) we're going to go ALL the way to the temple first and then back half way... okay, I think I already sort of said that. The point is that I wanted to make the wisest expenditure of our gas money and this seemed to be a REALLY good idea. Thankfully Jess will sleep while I drive and I will get to take a nap when we get home. Otherwise this trip just wouldn't be a good idea at all.


vicki said...

The thought of both puddings is a good one. Yum! Conjures up memories for me, too. In elementary school one of my favorite desserts was bread pudding. Those southern cooks sure knew how to make it!
Enjoy your temple trip.

Our family said...

Another yummy way to use leftover rice is for breakfast. Heat it over the stove with milk, sugar and cinnamon. It's really yummy!!

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